Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Hottest Bridal Shoes Styles For Wedding

Whether you choose what colors of wedding dresses, there are a lot of shoes options to adapt to any style of bridal dresses. From the traditional to the fun, here are this year's trends of bridal shoes.

The green pastel bridal shoesThe green pastel bridal shoeThe blue pastel bridal shoe

The pastel bridal shoes

Add a subtle hint of color, this season's pastel colors - soft green, blue and violet give a little extra sweetness to your day.

The platform bridal shoesThe platform bridal shoesThe platform bridal shoes
The platform bridal shoes

Do not be afraid, sky high heels. The growing popularity of the platform, to the bride an extra boost with a comfortable height, perfect position and dancing days.

 The sparkly bridal shoes The sparkly bridal shoes The sparkly bridal shoes

The sparkly bridal shoes

Everyone's wedding day has different levels of interpretation and fancy. For the bride, the shimmer shine and charm growth factors, a sparkling shoes for you! My wedding, I had personally bought one pair of sparkling shoes, and I intend to get that game goal of my flower girl, these pictures will not be able to see until November. Now, here is a lace-up platform, with fireworks and shiny.

blue bridal shoesThe blue bridal shoesThe blue bridal shoes

The blue bridal shoes

Something borrowed, something blue. What easier way, follow this maxim, than the rich blue of this year at your feet?

The Metallic Bridal ShoeThe Metallic Bridal ShoeThe Metallic Bridal Shoe
The metallic bridal shoes

This season's metallic color, add a dash of modern day. The chic, fun, metal shoes is the perfect choice for the modern bride.

The ivory bridal shoesThe ivory bridal shoes The ivory bridal shoes
The ivory bridal shoes

Ivory shoes can be in many different shades. So, if you want to exactly match the ivory shoes, the clothes you wear, it is best to put your clothes fabric swatches, when you buy shoes. I chose two shades of cream. Two peers satin base, it has a natural softness. Whether you want your shoes, you can see the dotted or go to your ...

The white bridal shoes

White bridal shoes are classic and elegant. There are thousands of styles to choose from, from the hem to the complex, so you are safe to find something you like. Once again, I chose the pumps and lace decoration style with the front and back of the respectivement.

The ombre bridal shoes
The ombre bridal shoes
The ombre bridal shoes

One of the hottest trends this year is the look of the shadows, and in 2012 the most popular wedding color is pink. This explains why a lot of people in the flange choose pink shoes, in order to highlight its classic white. Following the shadow of shoes will be a striking accent stylish bride, ballet style, cloth heels are a the absolute girl's girl.

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