Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Difference Between Cocktail Dresses And Formal Dresses

When you start to prepare the arrival of cocktail party, the most exciting vision is merely a sexy and hot woman wearing a fashionable cocktail dress and a pair of beautiful legs. It rock, isn't it? However, when it comes to a formal party, this is another vision. You are invited to attend a formal party, party invited tell "black tie", this means that you need to wear formal dress not casual dress. Most people can't distinguish between two people. Now, we can give some examples to explain the difference between them:


Cocktail dress usually means what we wear to a cocktail party. Drinks and appetizers are often provided there. In addition, Guests can be easy to make the decision on the length of skirt since a cocktail party is less formal. Formal dresses are what we wear on special occasions, like a wedding party, dancing party, charity activities and so on. The decision will be based on what the event etiquette. If you wear a cocktail dress for formal event, you might not be thought as a cultivated woman as formal events require proper solemnities.

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Skirt length

Typically, formal dress length ranging from knee length, full-length, a total length is a more fashionable women. If you want to participate in an official event like a traditional wedding ceremony party, you can not choose to wear knee-length dress formal event. The length of the cocktail dresses can ber ranged from mid-thigh to keen length. You can choose one of them according to your body type. A mid-thigh length dress is fabulous for a woman with nice legs, while a knee length dress suits for all-figures. Do not worry about compared to the bride in the wedding party, you may not like elegant in a bright, shiny red dress in white tie event, you might be a great attraction. Instead, you must choose the color of the dress to be careful. As usual, a monotonous or simple color combination is the perfect dress. Avoid selection of bright colors, such as red or pink at the funeral.

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The cocktail dress is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Bold colors such as pink or tiger brindles ensure turn heads at a cocktail party. Do not worry, you may be more attractive, the bride in a wedding or in a bright, shiny red dress in white tie occasions, you might not look graceful. On the contrary, when you need a formal dress color should be selected. As usual, a monotonous or simple color combination, suitable for formal dress. Away from the bright colors, such as red or pink funeral.

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Whether you are going to attend the occasion, do not forget to match your clothes jewelry accessories. This has established an effective cocktail dress and formal dress. The chic clutch includes an elegant touch you wear. Dagger function smoothly together with your cocktail dress as they elongate your legs. Shining high heels with crystal accents full-length dress, creating a heavy carpet appearance. Remember, wear like earrings and necklace.

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