Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Enjoy a Green Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, when millions of Americans out of the use of first-class shopping promotions, and kick off the official start of the Christmas holiday season. Although sometimes the pressure and exhaust, Black Friday should be the day that you will enjoy. So, follow these steps to enjoy your green Black Friday.

a woman enjoy a green black friday
# Shop intelligently

Black Friday is the most famous retailer of toys and electronic products below cost pricing to attract viewers to the stores and shopping malls. As a result, long lines, traffic, and even the occasional fight. Intelligent enjoy your Black Friday shop to start as early as possible to beat the crowd exactly what you want to do a list of home when you shop.

# Start holiday decorations

One of the whole family to enjoy Black Friday is the start of the holiday decorations. When can we start renovation although there is no hard and fast rules, custom decorated holiday to go the day after Thanksgiving. So, this year's holiday decorations and enjoy the good weather and family.

# Plan dinner menus

Thanksgiving usually yields several side dishes of turkey leftovers. Black Friday is an ideal time to plan future menus based on leftovers and other pantry ingredients. Menu-planning heats up frugality by creating a disciplined strategy for shopping and meal-preparation.If you need to mix a small thing, make a sandwich or salad, turkey and other Thanksgiving food.

# Have a good relax at home with TV

Black Friday is not only one of the best shopping days of the year, but it is also one of the best days of television. The film broadcast stations begin their best course of action and vacation strokes, the sports channel of the stream dozens of sports games to your living room. So, when the others are out elbowing shopping crowd through their own way, let your turkey sandwich and enjoy a day of excellent TV viewing.

# Nap

Skip over early-bird Black Friday shopping sales, which can start before dawn. American consumers are becoming more sleep-deprived, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Fifth of Americans sleep less than six hours per night, and lack of sleep will spend money and reduce safety. "People sleeping too few hours report being too tired to work efficiently, to exercise or to eat healthy," according to the Sleep Foundation. Sleeping during naps Black Friday, you can save money and protect your health.

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