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How to Dress up for Hanukkah

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah does not have a traditional outfit associated with it. When celebrating the holiday, guests or individuals are free to wear any clothing they wish. But many people still choose to dress in traditional garments to celebrate the holiday. Children, in particular, often wear clothes inspired by the day or adorned with symbols of the holiday. Here are some clothing options that act as a reminder of the holiday.

casual get-together with close friends and family celebrate hanukkah
* Formal Hanukkah Event

For a formal Hanukkah party, wear the appropriate attire for the party and add Hanukkah elements to the clothing with a few extra touches. This can be as simple as wearing the right colors or choosing a print that incorporates the Star of David or other appropriate symbol necklace for women. While men might wear a light blue tie. Men can also wear a kippah for the holiday.

* Casual Family Get-Together

Choose funny clothes and accessories for a casual get-together with close friends and family. Wear jeans and a T-shirt with a dreidel or a menorah graphic. A shirt with the words "Happy Hanukkah" and star of David in the words is also appropriate for a casual get-together.

* Hanukkah Blue and White

The official colors of Hanukkah are blue and white, so wearing an outfit in the holiday colors would an appropriate clothing option. Consider a pair of white pants and a blue shirt, a white skirt with a blue blouse or blue jeans with a white shirt.

* Choose Accessories

blue dress for hanukkahChoose small accessories to accentuate a delicate gown or a formal dress. Examples include a scarf, a earring, a bracelet or a handbag. Men can also wear bow ties or regular ties with designs of menorahs or six-pointed stars or choose cufflinks featuring a Jewish symbol.

* Children's Clothes

Dress kids in clothes that feature some of the most popular symbols of the holiday, such as baby T-shirts with an image of a baby playing with a dreidel or a child opening a present. Kids' and baby clothes with Hanukkah designs are actually quite popular and you shouldn't have any problems finding something, no matter how casual or formal the affair. For a more formal look, children can wear dresses or suits in the classic Hanukkah colors of white and blue.

Tips & Warnings
  • If you are unsure, you should wear a yarmulke or other hooded, please contact your host or hostess. Often those sponsored even yarmulkes can be used for those who did not bring a basket, but it is best to know in advance.
  • If you do not want to spend money on a specific design, can only use once a year, consider handpainting or patch sewn on the clothes you already have. According to your ability, this should not be too difficult.
  • Do not overdo it. If you wear a sweater with hanukkah symbol, match it with ordinary jeans or plain black skirt. If you choose hanukkah symbol tie combine it with a plain suit.

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