Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Decorate Christmas Tree with Candy

Candy to decorate the holidays bring a childlike elements of the season, and the delicious smell of diffuse. And now learn how to decorate your Christmas tree with candy.

decorate candy for christmas tree
Step 1
Hang candy canes and mint fun, sweet red and white from the branches of your tree effect.

Step 2
String of caramel corn, gum drops, caramel, the dry candied fruit or other soft candy, as well as a string as a garland tree.

Step 3
The styrofoam ball feet varieties of candy, covering parties ball. Ornament hanger ball of string, and has a three-dimensional candy balls.

Step 4
Popcorn balls, ribbon or string so crunchy ball ornaments. The light color contrast nicely with the dark tree.

Step 5
Bake cookies. Gingerbread or shortbread biscuits ideal choice. Use cookie cutter to shape your cookies. Use a pencil or pen to create a small hole in the top of each cookie it ends before baking. You will encounter a string through the hole and hang from your tree dessert. The use of rich colors, edible glitter top of each cookie icing.

Step 6
Using fine wire to connect the huge colorful lollipop tree branch.

Tips & Warnings
The candy cane is a fast, low-cost addition to your candy themed tree. Stick with the traditional red and white, or choose a bright color change.
Do not hang on the tree, chocolate candy, if you have a pet, chocolate is their fatal.

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