Saturday, November 3, 2012

Funny Christmas Picture Card Ideas

Christmas cards are a necessary part of the holidays. Through your own holiday picture card, you can personalized way to convey Christmas greetings. Inject the humor your photos to make your card stand out from the rest. Shortly after the tree and ornaments are stored away from their loved ones to enjoy a fun card.

a cats wear a santa claus hat funny christmas card
Funny hats

Christmas carpet pictures of your dog, wearing a Santa Claus hat. Santa hat, a gentle elastic band under the chin to keep the hat place. Cat owners can wear a Santa Claus hat, and your cat elf hat. If you have a cat, dog, wearing a Santa Claus hat, the hat on Pokemon. Antlers hat and candy cane antenna can also wear fun Christmas photo card.

family member picture christmas card
Christmas gifts

Large cardboard boxes, wrapping paper wrapped. You need a box for each family member. Leaving the lid, then open. Pushed together, so that your family will be close to each other the box. Your family is in their best Christmas costume dress. Find a friend to your photos, you each site in your box. Bow and name tag is added to the picture at the top of your head is stupid.

children use santa claus beard
Baby beard

If you are in your family, have a baby or small children dressed guys with Santa's beard. Visit the party supplies store to buy and easy to wear elastic connection beard. Put a Santa Claus beard from the pet to mom.

creative family member list christmas card
Naughty List

Buy some poster board to create a naughty list. Name written in large letters with a calligraphy pen, so it is easy to read. Your friend's name written poster board, a photo of a friend or family member you read list.

funny Santa Claus trap card
Santa trap

Do some stupid trap to catch Santa Claus. Placed a large platter of biscuits on the ground, surrounded it with a rope. Rig a box of a branch, a rope tied to a branch. Santa's cookies and cardboard boxes, like you have to pull the rope in your photo. Written to the side of the box, "Santa Claus trap." Especially, if tentative the Santa photo shows a small child.

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