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Fun Christmas Games for Kids

Merry christmas games with children get the kids in the holiday spirit. Planning some great christmas games is an essential for kids, make sure to plan ahead and put together some fun games and activities. Here the following games will help keep the fun rolling on with kids Christmas party.
christmas kids hide-and-seek games
Christmas Hide-and-seek Games

While playing hide and seek (where other kids hides and one kid tries to find them), this is very top funny games among kids. All family can attend this games with kids.

Find the Christmas star
Kids love games, and some of our favorites include the scavenger hunt-like find the Christmas star, where you hide the Christmas star somewhere in the house and ask teams to find it. The first team to find it is awarded a prize.

Christmas Carol Game

Make a list of Christmas songs, with at least one per child. Divide the kids into two teams. Have one player from each team come to the front of the room. Sing the first few words to a Christmas song. The first child to raise his hand to sing the song. The winner can get the Christmas gift.

Stocking Guessing Game

Put about 10-20 Christmas gifts into the stocking. You can tie the top of the stocking with a ribbon so no one can peek. Pass out paper and pens or pencils to the kids. Tell them how many gifts are in the stocking, that you will pass around the stocking to everyone, and they must write down what they think they feel in the stocking. The kid who correctly guesses the most gifts in the stocking is the winner.

Estimation Games

fun christmas games for kidsOrganize a Christmas-themed estimation game for kids. Have the kids guess the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree, the number of Christmas candies in a jar or the number of candy canes in a basket. Provide pieces of paper for the kids to record their guesses. Review all of the answers and award a prize to the child who is the closest to the actual number of items.

Christmas Ornament Puzzle

Decide on a short Christmas phrase or saying. Use Christmas ornaments to spell out the phrase by writing one letter on each individual ornament. Choose plastic ornaments or cut ornament shapes out of cardboard to prevent injuries. Create two sets of the ornaments, one for each team. Bury each team's ornaments in a separate box filled with tissue paper. The team members must dig through the tissue paper to find all of the ornaments. They arrange the ornaments so the letters spell out the Christmas phrase. The first team to figure out the phrase is the winner.

Treasure Hunts

For many kids, you can hold a treasure hunts games to help children have fun at Christmas holiday. Simply hide a thing in small corner and anywhere in the room of your home. Let your children in 5 minutes to find out, the first to find will receive a Christmas gift.

Santa Says Game

Santa Says is a Christmas-themed variation of the popular kid's game "Simon Says". Have the children line up in an open space and name one child to be the "Leader Elf". The Leader Elf will call out commands to the players by saying, "Santa says ..." and adding an action to the sentence for the kids to perform such as "... touch your mouth". The players should then touch their mouth and wait for the next command. If the Leader Elf calls out a command without preceding it with "Santa says" and one or more players obey the command, he must cry out "Ho ho ho!" and the offending playera must sit down. The last player left standing is declared the winner and becomes the Leader Elf to begin a new round.

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