Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8 Popular Stylish Hairstyles for Grooms

Choosing the right hairstyle for the big day might be a great challenge for grooms too. Indeed sporting longer or shorter crops is a great decision as it can influence the outcome of our chic entree. Take a peek at the latest and stylish groom hair styles that are extremely popular especially when preparing for a special event.

# Chic Bangs Groom Hair

Chic Bangs Groom HairstyleChic Bangs Groom Hair style
The popular chic bangs look remarkably groovy on grooms with short hair. This hairstyle bestows an elegant and smart-refined look plus it’s fully maintenance-free.

# Spiked-Up Classy
spiked-up classy stylespiked-up classy groom hair style
The spiked-up classy style is a fine choice for the modern groom. In this style, hair is spiked up using hair gel or hair spray. The look wears well with a tuxedo, while still allowing the groom to convey his individuality and style. This hairstyle also works splendidly for young grooms opting for a nontraditional wedding. Enhance the volume of your longer or shorter trimmed locks with a hyper-flattering haircut that suits the special ceremony.

# Dandy Groom hair style
Dandy Groom hair styleDandy Groom hairstyle
The dandy coiffure is ideal for grooms with slightly longer manes who would like to style their hair distinctly on the big day. Here the hair is parted on one side to reveal volume and depth thus highlighting the rocky masculine features. In spite of the longer strands, this hairdo can be easily styled and personalized using hair spray or hair gel.

# Medium Groom Hair Style
Medium Groom Hair StyleMedium Groom HairStyle
Planning your wedding hair style doens't necessary requires to think about trimming your strands. Instead maintain the medium length as it would help you create a more sensual romantic and at the same time masculine look. A similar hairdo might need a careful hair styling plan therefore use the best conditions as well as hair spray or wax to enhance the sleekness and fine texture of your strands.Those who are fond of longer man hair styles will find these extremely inspiring.

# Beach Hair Style

Beach Hair StyleBeach Hair Style for Groom
The destination groom may want to consider more of a beach hair style for the wedding day, given the romantic setting of the occasion. This romantic hairstyle will highlight a groom's carefree and relaxed style, as well as stop the bride dead in her tracks.

# Shag Groom Hairstyle
Shag hairstyleShag Groom Hairstyle
Needless to say the shag hairstyle is an accolade to the 1970s long layered style in men that is quite in rage these days. This hairstyle requires longer hair (at least below the ears) but gives a messy hip look to the man wearing it. This strategically unkempt haircut is a best substitute to many formal hairstyles used on the groom.

# Curly Groom Hairstyle

Curly groom hairstyleCurly groom hair styles
Those blessed with curly locks have a chance to take advantage of their corkscrews and enhance them with a few tricks. Mousse and styling creams are as the right tools to put in depth and at the same time relax or on the contrary boost the volume of hair. The wet frizzy look is oh-so-popular these days and is a great choice to craft up an ace image on your special occasion.

# Offbeat Groom Hair Style
Epic Groom HairstyleIndie Groom Hair Style
Offbeat hairstyle is also a good idea for groom. Pair it with your unique features and choose a hair color that suits your preferences.The indie groom hair style that is modish and would also reflect your ambition to stand out.

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