Sunday, November 18, 2012

8 Tips Mother of The Bride and Groom

No matter the mother of bride or the mother of groom all needs to know some things on your son's or daughter's wedding. The mom's role is a tough job and you deserve to look great too. Here's 10 tips mother of the bride and groom:

mother of the bride and groom
Tip 1
Get rid of your own expectations. Too much input from you can cause them a lot of stress when you should be trying to be their support system.

Tip 2
Pick your battles. If there are elements of the national tradition, you will like the wedding, mother and son dance to choose the most important one (or a few), and present it as a request.

Tip 3
Do not promise more. Just do what you can do for their's wedding, but don't promise more than you can provide.

Tip 4
To know the in-law. Traditionally, announced after the engagement, the groom's parents reached out to arrange a meeting, but there is no need to stand on ceremony. Under normal circumstances, the bride and groom will invite both parents to attend a dinner to meet and discuss preliminary ideas about the wedding plans.

Tip 5
Do not try to beat each other's mother. It can only create friction, potential pressure for you and for the children. You both should be live in harmony for them.

Tip 6
Let the bride's mom pick her dress first. Once she has chosen her dress, she will let the mother of groom know the color (you may like this: What Color to Wear When You Are Mother of The Bride? ), length and style, so that she can choose a complementary clothes to keep the wedding custom. Two moms should stay away from the whites and the colors of bridal party.

mother, bride and groomTip 7
Don't invite people too soon. Do not start making calls to relatives and announced their engagement as soon as possible. To avoid etiquette gaffe until the guest list finalized, you know that can accommodate the number of people on your side.

Tip 8
For a sentimental gift. If you have to pay part of the wedding or honeymoon, considering give them some sentimental gifts, like a family heirloom. Or, from the registry, you can select a pie plate and your son or daughter will use every holiday, and your views. This is a way of saying, "We welcome you into the family," and reflected in the life after the wedding.

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