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7 Ways to Include Your Pet into Your Wedding

Including your pet into your wedding day is a great way to show your love for your pet, and add special personality to your big day. Here are seven ways to include your pet in your wedding, whether or not they can be present at the ceremony.

pets into wedding day

1 - Consider your pet's personality

Pets can be a guest of honor, simply standing in the presentation ceremony, the wedding of the party or ceremony, your pet can have a specific role (ring bearer or flower girl is a common role). But before that let your pet starring role, think it will be a pleasant experience for him. Your pet in your guests feel comfortable? He is obedient and well behaved? There is no guarantee that your pet will show you in the end he was on the day of the wedding.

2 - The wedding party
  • Including one of the more traditional way of your pet is a ring bearer or flower dog. This works well if your pet is a very well behaved and easy to train. You can choose to use a false case, they ring off the ring bearer pillow or the smog head the wrong way.
  • Practice makes perfect. Must be run through the ceremony some time with your pet, so they get used to their own roles.
  • You can also make your pet the best man or maid of honor, but do not expect them to help plan the bridal shower!
Tip: Make sure that everyone attending the wedding know the pets were there. As a result, any allergies or fear of the pet guests who can be prepared.

pet at the wedding ceremony
3 - A walk down the aisle

A family member in the aisle and bring your pet, they held on at the ceremony. Pets are not easy to train, or skittish around a large group of people, this is a good choice. If your pet does not like it can be maintained for a long period of time, you can place them in a carrier, where they can watch. Your pet's favorite toy or familiar bed may make them more comfortable.

Tip: Certainly have a Plan B, if your pet is sick or do not fit, you may want to leave the Philippines at home or go out plans.

4 - Wedding vows

If you are afraid to step on your wedding dress or do not think your furry friend's big day, your wedding vows they wrote a special line or two. You can share an interesting story, talk about how you are going to take care of them a couple, or your dog teach you unconditional love. Your wedding guests, you will have the full attention they will see in the end how much your pet means to you!

5 - Wedding photographs

There is nothing more adorable than bringing your pet into your engagement or wedding photographs. Animals bring personality and fun to your photos and it's a great opportunity to get creative and spunky with your portraits.

Tip: Make sure your photographer on hand a lot of your dog's favorite food. You may also need their own favorite puppy toys to keep their attention!

a dog include wedding photograph

6 - Doggie groom cake or ice

If your venue is not allow pet in, why not include your dog to show respect to them with dogs theme groom's cake or ice? Your guests can enjoy it, you will have a memorable photo, see each anniversary!

7 - Reception

At the reception, everything is possible! Outdoor parties can with pets, your pet has enough space for activities. You may want to hire you walk the dog for people who do not attend your wedding, your pet's eyes. Pet Rye "to the bathroom on your pet, and make sure that he remains in trouble, they take home, without disrupting your day. Consider accepting if he is a crazy little food, dinner is served so that your pet!
Tell us, how do you include your pet in your wedding? —Merledress

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