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Wedding Do Or Don't: Tossing The Bouquet

Toss the wedding bouquet is an ancient tradition, was originally self-defense techniques as a bride. Since their marriage, almost the luckiest thing that may occur in a woman, the guests would like to share, if you are lucky, a little bit of the bride home - literally. At the end of the wedding reception, the guests tend to tear off pieces of the bride's dress, veil or flowers with a the home token of good luck. Escape unscathed, the bride throwing her bouquet to the crowd and ran away.

bridal toss the bouquet
You probably do not want to be beaten in your wedding, so do not toss the bouquet is entirely up to you. You, your staff and your guests can view the fun and pleasant part of the wedding reception bouquet toss. However, some people think that the traditional outdated, even inappropriate, because the girl of folklore around it, lucky girl who caught the bouquet will be the next to get married. You may not like the the unmarried female attendants and guests "point", so they assembled the bouquet toss. "In fact, today, many brides choose" throwing bouquets otherwise, saying: "Diane Forden, Bridal Guide magazine's chief editor. "Bouquets their parents a symbol of love and gratitude, while others admitted that a couple has been married the longest in the wedding, and they spend.

Toss out the traditional thinking.

Even if you are completely comfortable with the traditional, as a precious souvenir of your wedding day, you might prefer to keep your bouquet. If you want to give your bouquet, but would prefer not to include part of the traditional bouquet toss your wedding, you may want to consider the following approach:
  • One For All: Break up your bouquet into smaller arrangements and submit it to the waiter or guests. In planning your flowers, let your florist know this, you intend to publish your bouquet, so you can be sure it will be in addition to easy.
  • Special Delivery: Someone special, it can be a friend or relative is engaged in a very meaningful gift. If you want to present bouquets and reception, remove it with the recipient's time in advance, to avoid any potential embarrassment. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention!
  • Forget Me Not: Do not forget honor a deceased loved ones you bouquet dedicated to them. At your reception, or in your program, you may need to mention that you will do your flowers. This is a beautiful part of the memory of the people you love, your special day.
grab the bridal bouquet
To the Throw ball

If you are a die-hard traditionalist, and would not dream of give up throwing the bouquet, keep these tips:
  • Ask your florist, to create a "toss bouquet," you usually arrange for a smaller, lighter version. Toss bouquet not only allows you to keep your own wedding flowers, but also can prevent you accidentally bestowed black eyes, your guests! Some florists will provide free throw bouquets, as well as with other flowers.
  • Traditionally, the bride throws the bouquet, the cake is cut, changed before she left her wedding dress, but do not think that this timetable, especially if your wedding is informal.
  • Avoid unmarried guests pick out your guests the bouquet toss gathered. According to the tradition of this Victorian-style, luck will come to guests, who catches the bouquet.
Remember, there are no longer any hard and fast rules, toss your bouquet. Toss or not to toss you? Like other aspects of your wedding celebration, feel free to choose the most suitable for you and your wedding style options.

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