Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas

The wedding is expensive. A large part of the cost of this cost to decorate your reception area. The balloons provide a cheaper alternative to floral arrangements, while still maintaining the elegant look for your wedding.(What Is the Best Season for Your Wedding?) Whether you want a the couple with balloons composition, the central focus or welcome guests, you can create a very cheap balloon arrangement.

blue balloon arch

Buy balloon arch kit, or use double-sided tape, your weight and anchor chain. Hundreds of balloons to do a big project arch. So that a smaller arch to the frame of the cake table. Create the pillars of the arch around the dance floor. Added tulle, flowers, white lights or snowflakes around and inside the arch and elegant appearance. LED lights inside the balloon, it is easy to ignite arch.

cheap wedding balloon bouquet arrangement

Blowing balloons matching tie knot pipe cleaners. The balloon in a clear vase. Tie pipe cleaners protruding from the vase on the balloon, duct cleaning balloon vase one. Ribbon-wrapped around the top of the vase to complete your balloon bouquet.

Heart-shaped balloon
Central focus

With a ribbon in the middle of the table. Tie a ribbon around a group of five overall balloon. The balloon was floating in the air, but to stay in the middle of the table as your core. A small standing on your table. Blasting 20-5 inches color balloons. The two tie balloons together as a group. With the bottom of the bracket with the four pairs of balloons. The rest of the balloon is tied to the top of the bracket. Add a matching ribbon and flowers to complete the core of your balloon tree.


Use the existing wreath or hula hoop balloon garland as a framework. Blasting two sets of two balloons tied together. Six groups of four balloons each. Tie curly ribbons in each balloon group. Each group of four balloons tied the curl with frames. Hung on the wall or ceiling to match the ribbon. As an alternative method, purchase, or to make a metal frame in the shape of a heart. Tie a balloon around the framework. Header background.

Balloon Wedding Decorations
Outdoor markers

The pin screw a 6-foot PVC pipe into the ground to begin arrangements for your reception venue outside of the balloon. Blowing two balloons tied together. Blew two balloons and knot. The two groups of two balloons. Add another the two balloons sleeve arrangement to the original group, until it reaches the desired size. The lever of the balloon, so that the neck of the lever between the balloon. Bow the bottom of the balloon, and add modified and gauze between the balloon debris.

Ceiling treatment

Line a tent stitched a row of balloons. A safe place, fish skewers. Inflate the balloon, so that they give the illusion of floating paper lanterns on the ceiling.

Wedding balloon hearts denver

Balloon lamp column. Around two balloons tied to a twisted pair of PVC pipe. Fitted into the first pair of another pair. Continue this process until you reach the end of the pipeline. Add a larger balloon tethered balloon tower at the top. The lights around the base of the balloon tied to a cluster. The amount of the intermediate phase matching ribbon or white light poles. The last cluster to the top of the pole. A bigger balloon and inflatable balloon twisting to the last balloon group until upward.

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