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Thanksgiving Food Trends For 2012

Thanksgiving again is knocking on our door, there is no point of speculation, we are willing to have a blast and this year. This is a serious effort to let you know all kinds of food trends for 2012 Thanksgiving Day. Some exciting lip smacking dishes recipes own way this year. Just look at the bold trend can see the delicious recipes.

thanksgiving dinner food
Vegetarian main included:

It is worth noting that a lot of people are looking for vegetable recipes, previously prepared turkey recipes. Therefore, a new category, vegetarian supplement to meet people all want to have a meat-free dishes.


If there is no turkey on your Thanksgiving table, then it is not Thanksgiving dinner (A friendly reminder: ), as anyone will tell you. This dish is a the Thanksgiving core itself, so many call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day". Whether you like a big bird, white or dark meat, wings or legs, stuffed or hollow, which exists in some form in every Thanksgiving menu.

Pie recipes:

The thanksgiving cake recipes outnumbered those pies in the past year. However, the trend of changes almost every year. The same thing happened in 2012. Pie recipes this year with a bang.

Who win - pecan or pumpkin?

This year is divided into two categories, one is looking for the pecan others like pumpkin. However, this was not the case previously. As always, Apple is the preferred and most popular Thanksgiving dessert.

Cranberry sauce:

This is a fact, citrus (mainly orange) and the combination of the cranberry is very important to make the chutney and cranberry sauce, but this year the recipe function, ginger.
2012 trends thanksgiving food
Green beans and soup:

This year's recipes provide the needs of the green beans and Brussels sprouts.


There is no secret to this traditional dish, most of the heat from a canned or frozen bag, but it is a staple of the diet of the pilgrims, has maintained its presence on our Thanksgiving menu. People like the taste of corn in 2012 as well.

Mushrooms dish:

Mushroom dish is not very popular last year, but this year the picture is completely different. Many recipes including mushrooms.

This year's Thanksgiving special fragrant and delicious dishes. Enjoy the warmth and solidarity delicacies.

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