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Pink And Green Wedding Theme Decoration Ideas

Pink and green are colors that work well together and make one of the ultimate wedding themes. Yes, pink and green weddings are highly popular amongst couples as these colors make a classic combo. Choosing a combination of pink and green can create a fun and fresh vibe for your wedding. Here are some ideas for you to make the best preparations.

pink and green wedding themes

The preparations will start with making a list of people to be invited on this occasion. Once you have the list, it's time to choose the wedding invitation card design and decide the wordings. Well, not forgetting the theme, you can have classic designs patterns in pink and green combo. You can also have a cool green invite with pink cover. You can add gold color to this combo for wordings and other design. Along with the invite you'll also be deciding on the favors. The wedding favors need no mention. Whichever item you buy, make a point to pick it in this combination.

pink green wedding

Use pink and green throughout the decor of your wedding -- in both the ceremony and the reception. Once the venue is decided, be it your yard, a hall or the church, adding these spring wedding colors to play up the area is a great idea. So you can have a lot of flowers to highlight the theme and freshen up the atmosphere. Cute glass vases filled with bunches made of pink flowers and green leaves are sure to look adorable. You can have some wonderful centerpieces with natural items. Fill a wide glass vase with greenish lemons and pour water. Add a bunch of pink roses to this vase and place it on the table to impress the guests. Pink and green organza fabric, sheets and ribbons will add to the effect. Perfectly decorated, 3-5 tier cakes are best to spruce up the preparations.


From bouquets to centrepieces -- flowers are often a large element in a wedding, and it is easy to use them as a means of bringing this colour scheme into the affair, as there are several blooms that come in these colours. For bouquets, wrap lime green ribbon around the stems of a tight clutch of hot pink roses. For centrepieces, float the blooms of pink and green tea lights in glass bowls fill with water. Another idea for the centrepieces is to fill the bases of tall glass vases with green and pink lily.

pink brides dress,pink flower
Apparel and Accessories

Themed weddings do not necessarily mean following the theme for wedding dresses. But still brides can opt for fashion wedding dresses where in these colors can be used. A pink wedding dress with a single pink sheer fabric layer amongst the many a-line of dress is a great idea. Also you can have a plain bridal gown with green satin ribbon gracing the border. But you need to be very careful while choosing the dresses. For grooms definitely can't add these colors, they can stick to whites. One of the ideas is to have a very light pink colored shirt inside the black or white coat.

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