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Irish Claddagh Ring: History, Meaning, Wearing

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish jewelry symbol of enduring love and friendship. The ring is made in the form of two hands holding a heart from either side, with a crown atop the heart. Claddagh rings remain popular among Celtic jewelry and romantic rings today because they are beautiful and symbolic pieces. Claddagh Irish rings are also practical; a woman can wear this Celtic ring in a specific way to convey her relationship status and romantic intent. Claddagh rings make wonderful gifts for lovers and friends alike. Now let us look at its history, meaning, and wear.

emerald irish claddagh ringHistory of the Claddagh ring:

The history of the Claddagh ring dates back to over 300 years. A small fishing village in Ireland called the Claddagh was where the tradition of the Claddagh rings first started. The word Claddagh itself comes from the Irish term "An Cladach" that means a "flat stony shore". This was a pretty and ancient village with winding streets and small thatched roofed mud houses. Modernisation has changed all that now but the tradition of the Claddagh ring lives on and has infact grown much stronger in many parts of the world.

Meaning of the Claddagh ring:

The meaning of the claddagh ring is what gives the ring it's significance. Over the years the cladagh ring has brought up designs with minor variations, the basic meaning and significance of the Irish claddagh ring has however been retained. The hands of the ring are shown holding the heart and the hands denote friendship and togetherness, the heart itself signifies love and the crown in the claddagh ring stands for loyalty. It is this meaning of the claddagh rings that make them an ideal choice for all occassions, wedding rings, birth stone rings, engagement rings, mothers day rings and rings for just about any other occassion. The deep and true meaning of the Irish claddagh rings has also put them into a group of rings referred to as the faith rings. In today's materialistic world where love, friendship and loyalty are becoming increasingly rarer by the day, the claddagh ring with it's realistic and worthy meaning makes an ideal gift to give and to receive.

Wearing Claddagh Rings:
    meaning of the irish claddagh ring
  • Right hand: Tradition states that wearing your Claddagh ring jewelry on your right hand means that you are either looking for love or in a relationship. To use this Irish jewelry to indicate that you are looking for a relationship, wear it with the point of the heart pointing toward your fingertips. To indicate you are in a relationship, wear your Claddagh ring with the point of the heart pointing toward your wrist.
  • Left hand: Like the traditional wedding band and engagement ring,(You may like How To Have An Irish Themed Wedding) Claddagh rings on the left hand tell the world that you are romantically taken. To indicate that you are engaged, turn the point of the heart toward your fingertips. To indicate that you are married, wear your Celtic jewelry with the point of the heart pointing at your wrist.
  • Jewelry choices: Because Claddagh rings are so symbolic, they make fantastic romantic jewelry gifts. Claddagh rings are also fun to give to friends. Modern Claddagh rings are available in a range of style choices. Choose from gold, silver and platinum Claddagh rings with gemstones, diamonds and engravings. Other types of Claddagh jewelry are also available, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and religious jewelry. You can even buy Claddagh jewelry for yourself to show off your Irish heritage.

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