Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Find The Perfect Sexy Prom Dress

Let's face it-prom night isn't a night for boring dresses. You want to look glamorous and you want to look sexy. Here are some tips to finding one that's perfect sexy prom dress for you.

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Consider your body type. The trick to finding a sexy prom dress isn't just grabbing the first low cut gown you find. It's about finding a dress that shows off your body in a flattering way. Take your body's shape into consideration and find a dress that best suits your body.

Find inspiration. Magazines, television and the internet are packed full of prom dress ideas. Find out what prom dress types are in style this season and take note of what you like for future reference.

Decide on "haves and "don't haves". As you do your research it helps if you decide what attributes your sexy prom dress should and shouldn't have. Do you want a sexy strapless prom dress? Do you love full length skirts with a slit? How do you feel about sequins? The more you narrow down your likes and dislikes the less time you will waste trying on dresses you hate.

Sexy Sheath Column Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Elastic Woven Satin Dresses
Go shopping. Now that you have at least a general idea of what you're looking for take those notes with you and head for the stores. Let the sales assistant know what types of dresses you're looking for and she should be able to help you find a suitable sexy prom dress under $150.

Take a friend. You can't always count on a salesman to be impartial when giving advice. Instead take a trusted friend prom dress shopping with you and you'll be sure to get honest advice on what looks best.

Be just a little practical. Yes, being sexy isn't always as comfortable as a pair of shoes, but you don't want your dress to torture you all night either. If that strapless dress needs to be pulled up every couple of minutes it's going to be driving you nuts all night. Aim for a dress that feels as good (or close to) as it looks.

Tips & Warnings

Bring along a pair of shoes when trying on your dress. Even if it's not "the" pair you'll be wearing to the prom you should at least have shoes with a similar heel height. This ensures that any long gowns you try on at least clear the floor when walking.

Sexy is about flattering your figure...not exposing it. Showing some skin is appropriate but make sure the parts that should be covered up stay covered up.

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