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Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair – Top 7 Short & Stylish Wedding Hairstyles Unveiled

For weddings, short hair are getting increasingly popular for trendy wedding hairstyles. This includes everything, even the way brides wear their hair. That is a major component of your wedding day look, it completes your look and ties everything together. New top short hairstyle trends emerge each season and are constantly incorporated into wedding looks. Short hair is one of the biggest hair trends of 2012. So, let's look at the latest wedding short hairstyle trends that you may want to incorporate into your wedding to complete your amazing look.

bride short bob hair wedding hairstyle veil
Short Bob

The short bob hairstyle gives the bride many different options on her wedding day. The bob can be cut shoulder-length, neck-length, ear-length or anywhere in between. The bride can even have an angled a-line bob or an asymmetrical bob to add some excitement to the hairstyle. The bride can also curl the bob under, flip it out or tuck it behind her ears, depending on her style. A bob haircut works best with long, slim gowns without much volume, but the versatility of the style allows it to be worn with almost any dress type.

chignon bride short hair
This is one of the most fashionable bridal hairstyles for short hair. This hairdo can be embellished with hair accessories for accentuating your features at this special occasion. Chignon is suit for brides with high foreheads. A small hair pin or flower can be easily used for enhancing your look.
classic curly wedding short hair
Classic Curls

Classic curls, like those worn by Marilyn Monroe, work well with long hair as well as short. The look is achieved by curling the hair in curlers and brushing the curls out so they lay around the edges of the face. The iconic Hollywood imagery evoked by the classic curl look makes this hairstyle ideal for dresses inspired by the golden-age of Hollywood, but it is also well suited for slender or tea-length dresses.

bridal layered bob short hairstyle
Layers Hair Styles

Layered hair styles sometimes give short-haired brides the extra lift their hair needs to make tiaras and veils look stunning. An option for layered cuts are to tease the layers up from the back of the crown and taper the layers down toward the chin. This look adds some vertical length to the face. A second layered option is to go for sharp, razor edge layers that are turned up instead of in. For both styles, stylists like to pull some long bangs across the forehead.

pixie bride short hair

You can attain a great appearance by taking up pixie style bob. This is a chic and very modern bridal hairdo. You can also use a veil and other hair accessories for making it more attractive.

pulled back wedding hairstyles
Pulled or Slicked Back

The pulled or slicked back short hairstyle allows the bride's feminine beauty to take center stage. The hair can either be slicked back with a hair products like gel, mouse or oil and held in place with pins for a modern look, or pulled back with a small-toothed headband for a more innocent look. The slicked back hairstyle generally goes well with slender dresses without much volume, while the pulled back look works well with tea-length wedding dresses.

short wedding hair retro waves bob winter wedding
Retro Waves

If you have a bob or similar style, a suitable short wedding hair style is soft, smooth waves (think 1940s movie star). For this style, the hair is parted in large sections and either wrapped around very large rollers or styled with a wide diameter hot brush. A wide hair pick works for combing the curls into a natural, soft cascade around the face. This look appears most chic if you add subtle accessories such as a studded hair pin. Stylists often add some styling spray or gel to give the waves extra shine and hold, since smoothness is the key to this look.

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