Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to Say in a Wedding Card

A wedding is a memorable occasion which celebrates the union of two complete strangers, who decide to spend their entire life with each other. It is a joyous occasion, not only for the couple, but also for everyone participating in this happy function. It is a tradition to wish the couple as they begin a journey of togetherness. Along with the gift, you can attach a best wishes card to greet the bride and groom on their special day.

wedding wishes card 

Lifetime Wishes

All newlyweds hope that they will have a long and lasting marriage. So using a saying that expresses that you share the same wish for the couple is a good choice. Write "Congratulations" on the front side on the top of the card. Inside of the card, write: "Wishing that the two of you share a long and happy life filled with the greatest things in life." Or say, "Best wishes for a lifetime of peace and happiness." Or "Best wishes. Here's hoping that you have a life filled with nothing but happiness."

General Wishes 

Another option is to use a general wish in the greeting card. Tell the couple what you wish for them. Write congratulations. Then say something like: "I wish that you dance together on your grandchildren's wedding day." Or "I wish that the two of you are showered in good luck", "I wish that your house is filled with love and happiness always." Or say "I wish you the most beautiful things that life has to offer." If you want to attend a wedding, you can shop for cheap wedding guest dresses here.


If you want a sweet and sentimental saying, opt for a blessing for the wedding card. Write congratulations. Then use "May God bless the two of you." Or something like, "May God bring you happiness and joy the rest of your lives", "May God pour his blessings on you both." Or "May God bless your new lives together", "May God bring you peace and love the rest of your life," or "May the joining of you bring you more happiness and love then you can imagine."

wedding guests and couple 


If you don't have a close relationship with the happy couple, stick to a general statement of congratulations. A general statement is a good choice for a coworker or acquaintance. Use a saying like: "Congratulations and best wishes", "Congratulations to the both of you", "Congratulations on your marriage, or Congratulations on your new life together." Or use their names in the greeting like: "Congratulations to Joe and Maria."

Tips & Warnings 

1) If you are unable to attend the wedding, this is an appropriate place to mention your regrets for not being able to join them on their special day. A note of apology and a sentence explaining your reason is acceptable and courteous.

2) If you can't think of anything to say, include a short excerpt from a poem or a quote that fits the occasion.

3) Have extra cards available in case you make a mistake.

Convey your happiness and congratulations to the bride and groom through these wishes. You can even come up with your own creative wishes and sayings to add to the wedding card. Add these wishes and messages to your gift to give it a personal touch. Enjoy!

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