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What Is the Correct Way to Wear Wedding Rings

To wear the wedding ring on the right hand is more like an inconvenient, a burden; with the right hand you do much more things and so the ring is much more “exposed”. There is a risk to cling in something and moreover to hurt your finger. Besides this, the left and right hand fingers don't have the same measurements- at right are wider- so you better decide about this as changing facts aft that will mean to resize the ring- if you can.To conclude, no one excludes the possibility for the wedding rings to be worn on the right hand. But it is just the tradition and way we are used to believe and judge things.

New Couple Wear Wedding Rings 

When it comes to wedding rings, many couples would ask themselves what is the proper wear of wedding rings. Many will follow their parents' tradition, just because this is how it is accustomed, but maybe not too many of the newly weds are aware that there are other ways that are also seen as proper wear of wedding rings for many nations. Maybe you will be interested in reading another post: Meanings of Wearing Wedding Rings.

What Finger Does the Wedding Ring Go On

In many countries, the wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger. If you're not sure which finger is the ring finger, start with the thumb and count to four. That's it. The left ring finger is said to have a vein that goes straight to the heart. That's why people tend to wear their wedding rings on this finger.

In some countries, the left hand is bad luck because the Latin word for "left" means "sinister". In these cases they wear the ring on the right ring finger.Some countries have other traditions. In Germany, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. The ring goes on the bride's right index finger in a Jewish ceremony, though some brides switch it to their left ring fingers after the wedding.

Wedding Rings for Couple 

Correct Way to Wear Wedding Ring

#1. Slide the wedding band onto the left ring finger. The ring finger is next to the pinkie, or fourth from the thumb. Wedding rings are worn on this finger because there is a vein that is said to go from that finger directly to the heart. In some European and Latin countries, the wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger.

Place the engagement ring on top of the wedding band, or wear it on your right hand. Some people choose not to wear their engagement rings all the time, particularly during tasks that might cause harm to the engagement ring. Others, however, believe the wedding band keeps the marriage vows close to the heart and the engagement ring protects it.

Wear the engagement ring on your right hand, or avoid wearing it, during the wedding ceremony. This makes it easier, and more meaningful, for the groom to slide the wedding band in place.


Tips & Warnings:

* Many men choose to wear wedding bands as well. They simply go on the same finger as the bride. Click here to see the post: Guide on Choosing Men's Wedding Rings.

* There is no wrong way to wear your wedding band. Wear the ring in whatever way is the most comfortable for you.

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