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Tips for Choosing The Right Bridesmaids

Usually the American wedding has four bridesmaids and one maid of honor. Choosing someone to be your bridesmaid is kind of the way to honor someone to share this special day hand in hand with you. Many brides suffer from choosing the candidates on the role of bridesmaids since they the amount is limited and thus they don't want to hurt one friend's feeling by choosing another one.

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When you select your bridesmaids, make sure that they understand what their responsibilities are going to be and where they stand. Being a bridesmaid also represents a financial commitment, usually in terms of the dress. If a friend you would like to have in the party is having financial issues, speak with her about it; don't make the decision to exclude her without her input.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best bridesmaids possible for your wedding:
  • Firstly work out how many bridesmaids you want and how many groomsman your partner wants.
  • Don't feel pressured by family into asking who they want to be in your bridal party. In the end it is your decision. But you should also try to be sensitive to their feelings and acknowledge their requests.
  • You are not obliged to ask a friend to be your bridesmaid just because she asked you.
  • Choose friends and family members that are actively involved in your lives. If you are not close before the wedding you will not be closer after the wedding. You don't want to be looking at your wedding photographs in 5 years time and realise you have not spoken to your bridesmaids since the wedding.
  • Don't expect too much from your bridesmaids. A friend of mine Ali told me that as a bridesmaid for her good friends wedding she was expected to work night and day getting the wedding venue ready. I don't think that this is what your bridesmaids are for. You want your bridesmaids to be there emotionally for you and not to have to do all your dirty work for you. It is okay to get everyone to muck in for the wedding but don't over do it as it will leave the people you treasure the most feeling used and taken advantage of.
  • Finally ask ladies in your life to be your bridesmaids that make you feel good about yourself, who you feel relaxed with and who value your friendship.
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Selecting the right bridesmaids can really help your wedding go forward smoothly. Remember that while the day itself can be magical, that the days leading up to it can be downright terrifying.  Keep in mind, the more bridesmaids you have the more money it is going to cost you since you are going to buy a gift for each one of them such as their Bridesmaid Dress, shoes or a piece of jewellery.

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