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The Major Duties of Groom on the Wedding Ceremony

In most traditional Western weddings, the best man is given tasks and duties to make sure the groom is happy and the wedding ceremony runs smoothly. The number of duties assigned to the best man varies according to the groom's needs.

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There are many best man duties and responsibilities you need accomplish if you are chosen as the best man of the groom. You must see to it that you can do all of these duties before you will agree to become a best man. You are the assistant of the groom so expect to be busy preparing for the wedding. Some of the things the groom needs before, during and even after the wedding must be provided by the best man. Meeting all the expected requirements given to you by the groom must be completed.The following are just some examples of typical best man duties:


The groom is responsible for selecting the tuxedoes or suits that he and the wedding party will wear during the ceremony. He'll need to coordinate local fittings and provide instructions to out-of-towners. It's also a nice touch to cover any rental fees for both the groom's own father and the father of the bride.

One of the groom's traditional responsibilities is paying for the bride's bouquet that she'll carry down the aisle. Some guys will roll their eyes at this, but it's actually a key ingredient to the bride's overall look. Take it from a married man: You'll never forget how you feel when you see her walking toward you, flowers in hand, ready to become your wife.For more, you can consider this: Popular Wedding Flowers.

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Look after the guests 

The guests are the most important people in the bride and groom's lives, so it's one of the best man duties to ensure they are all happy. From keeping them dry from any rain with umbrellas, to chatting to any guests that look left alone, it's up to the best man with the help of his ushers to make sure every guest has a great time.

Lead the way 

Most guests won't have a clue where they're going unless they've been to the venue before, so one of the best man duties is to make sure everyone knows exactly where to go and what time they need to get a move on. He needs to have a schedule to hand and keep an eye on the time throughout the day.

The best man speech 

Many people think this is the most important and difficult role of the best man, but actually, it's one of the easiest best man duties. Although the wedding speech needs to be kept a secret until the big day, it's always wise for the best man to run it by a few mutual friends of the bride and groom to ensure it's not too risque. The best man needs to be aware of his audience, be sensitive to the bride's feelings and be aware of children and the elderly present.

Payment plan 

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The last thing the bride and groom will want to worry about is paying suppliers on the day. The best man needs to collect cash envelopes with outstanding payments for each supplier from the bride and groom before the wedding and give it to each supplier as soon as they are finished on the day.

Keeping these things in mind is important so you know the best man duties you need to obtain. You were chosen to be the best man because the groom entrust you everything to make his wedding perfect. Accomplishing all your duties as a best man is a great support you can show to your friend.

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