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Ideas on Planning An Eco-friendly Wedding

Planning an eco-friendly or green wedding is a commendable way for a couple to begin their new life together, while being perceptively aware of their environment. Couples have several options and aspiring ideas to incorporate for their wedding ceremony and reception with a green-based wedding. An Eco-friendly Wedding is not as complicated to plan as some would think; keep in mind that you are making better and smarter choices for the general health and the progression of your environment.

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Green Wedding Venues - One of the first decisions you'll be making for your wedding is choosing the ideal location. In general, large venues such as churches or grand halls are not very energy efficient. They are notorious for drawing excessive amounts of electrical power for cooling, heating, and lights.

Green Wedding Invitations - Wedding invitations are most certainly one of the first items to check off on a wedding “to do” list. You can get a real feel for the upcoming event just by how an invitation card looks. Therefore, a wedding invitation is very important as it sets the tone for your ceremony.

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The Wedding Gown - For centuries, women have taken care to look and dress as beautiful as possible. However, nothing will be more important to a woman on her wedding day except how she appears as she walks down the aisle. Unfortunately, not every bride is financially able to spend an excessive amount of money on a lavish dress and extravagant jewelry. A smart and savvy bride knows she does not have to squander a great deal of money on her wedding gown, especially since she will only wear the dress one time.

Favors - One way of staying eco-friendly is to buy your favors locally rather than having some cheap "trinkets" shipped halfway around the world. You can also use small trees or seeds that the guests can then plant. Bonus - this will help fight global warming! Or why not give a donation to your favorite charity in the guest's names? Not only is this eco-friendly, but it will help someone in need.Why not to read the useful post: Unique Wedding Favor Ideas?

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Flowers - There are many options to stay green with your flowers. First, you could use silk or dried flowers. If you don't like this idea look for a florist that uses locally grown flowers. You can also go to your local farmer's market to buy local flowers and then make your own bouquets. Reuse the ceremony flowers at the reception. And then after the reception donate flowers to a local hospital. This will be sure to cheer up the patients!

Food - This is one of the main areas to focus on and plan when you are preparing for a green wedding. Choose vegetarian and organic dishes which shall serve your purpose. Remember to rent real glass dishes, glasses and also cloth napkins and avoid any type of disposable plates which are harmful for the environment. In a green wedding, you can use biodegradable and compostable dishes or flatware which is prepared from cornstarch and sugarcane.

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Honeymoon planning - When you are planning for your wedding, make plans for your honeymoon too. You can plan your honeymoon in an environment friendly sensitive place and choose to stay at hotels which are known for the eco-friendly policies and offer hybrid car rentals too.

As you can see there are many ways to have a green wedding. Some other quick ideas are to hold the ceremony and reception at the same place to save on gas and ask guests to carpool. For more ideas do a search on the internet for green or eco-friendly weddings. The internet has a wealth of information!

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