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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Plus-sized Women

When you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, the first factor you consider is the body shape of your maids of honor. If your bridesmaids have got the plus size figures, the perfect plus size gowns for them should accent the charming sides. The content below will tell you which style will look great on them.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses 

What You Need to Know Before You Buy
  • Shop early and research several options before selecting a dress for plus sized bridesmaids. You'll need extra time for alterations.
  • The size and selection of the dress shouldn't be based on any one body type. Try to make all your bridesmaids look beautiful.
  • Bridal stores and online stores that specialize in larger sizes are going to be your best bet for finding plus size bridesmaid dresses that are stylish and modern.
  • Go with variety in the absence of a good option. Not all your bridesmaids have to wear the same kind of dress.
Different Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses 

How to Choose the Right Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Step 1: 

Find the right shop. Bridal stores and online stores that specialize in larger sizes are going to be your best bet for finding plus size bridesmaid dresses that are stylish and modern. This is why shopping early is crucial. You want to find a store that has a few selections for plus size women or which can source the dresses needed in the appropriate sizes. Just because a store stocks a certain bridesmaid dress in sizes 2 to 10 on the rack doesn't mean the dress isn't available in larger sizes. Get friendly with a sales associate, who can order the dress in the right sizes or can suggest a similar dress available in plus sizes.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the fabric. You must pay attention to the fabric of the bridesmaid dresses 2013. The high quality is a must. The shiny, clingy or heavy fabric is a bad choice. To the contrary, the materials such jersey and cotton will be good options. They have enough structure and it is comfortable and breathable to wear for bridesmaids. Of course, when opting for the fabrics, the season shouldn't be ignored.

Plus Size Bridesmaids with Flowers 

Step 3:

Choose a dress that flatters. Choose a dress that your plus-sized bridesmaids will feel comfortable in and make sure it's flattering. Stay away from form-fitting dresses that can hug the body and reveal problem areas. According to, A-line dresses and empire-cut dresses are great choices for plus-sized bridesmaids. It is also important to choose longer dresses, as opposed to knee-length or shorter dresses for plus-sized bridesmaids. Floor-length dresses are often the most flattering and appealing types of dresses for plus-sized bridesmaids.

Step 4:

Go with variety. If not all of your bridesmaids are a plus size, there's no reason for them all to wear the same dress. As with any other dress, there are certain features and details that accentuate a woman's unique figure. Giving each of your bridesmaids the option to choose what style of dress to wear gives her the opportunity to feel the most comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Remember to keep the colors, fabrics and hemlines uniform to create a cohesive look for pictures.

Step 5:

Go for the colors that will suit your bridesmaids. Generally, dark and lively colors make plus size women look slim but light colors make women a little fat. This factor should be laid significant amount of stress. Besides this, you should also pay heed to the color of the bridesmaid. Dark colors would not suit dark complexion bridesmaids. You just need to flatter your bridesmaid. Take your bridesmaids with you and ask them their choice. Two piece dress or dresses with a sash generally go well with plus size women. You should try your level best to not to choose any heavy designs as they make plus size bridesmaid to look more heavy. Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall Wedding is a great post, maybe you will interested in reading!!!

One Shoulder Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses 

Tips & Warnings:

★ Avoid ornate or busy patterns on the dress. This can make one look and feel bigger.
★ Start shopping for a dress as early as possible and consider several options before making a decision.
★ V-neck dresses flatter big-busted women much more than dresses with high necks, which emphasize chest size. Consider the individual needs of your bridesmaids and consider coordinating styles in the same color.
★ Comfort is the key. Choose a dress that will make your bridesmaid feel comfortable while wearing it on. Stay away from formal fitting dress that would emphasize her curves in the wrong way and would reveal problem areas.

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