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Guide on Choosing Men's Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is not only a symbol of your love; it is also a fashion accessory that will be with you for a long time. So you need to choose a ring that reflects your personality, rather than a ring style that may be a passing fashion or is picked up at a discount sale. Men's wedding bands are available in a wide selection of styles. This can make the choosing part difficult but it also ensures that you can find the right ring to suit your style. Choosing a Men's Wedding Ring may seem simple enough. They are looking same. It is advisable to select tasteful, classy, and most importantly is in accordance with your personality.

men's wedding rings

Make your budget
Make sure you have a realistic figure in mind and stick to it. It will not only keep your bank manager happy, but will actually focus you and make ring buying a whole lot easier.

Consider the comfort

Have your fiance's finger sized for the proper fit, which will maximize his comfort. A ring that is too tight can cause irritation and even stop the blood flow to his finger. A ring that is too large may slip off his finger and get lost. If you don't want to go to a jeweler, many jewelry store websites have sizing tools you can print out at home.

Select the width of wedding ring bands

Select the width of band that looks right and feels most comfortable. This will depend on his fingers, if they're short and stubby or long and slender, and his lifestyle. For example, a thick band would look awkward on shorter fingers, and most likely get in the way if he uses his hands to work. Most men's rings are between 5 and 7mm.

Choose a metal

White or yellow gold are typical ring metals, but they are prone to scratching and can be cut off in emergencies. Silver rings are less resilient than gold, but typically the least expensive option. Platinum is a strong metal that is quite pricey. Titanium and tungsten are stronger metals that can withstand more punishment than the softer metals, and are less expensive than gold and platinum. Titanium is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for a man with sensitive skin.
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Pick out a ring to suit his personality

Pick out a style or design that fits his personality and lifestyle. If he intends to wear his ring daily, works with his hands or is generally more conservative, a simple band might be best. If he's outgoing and enjoys getting attention or only plans to wear his ring on special occasions, a flashier ring with diamonds, sapphires or rubies might be more fitting. An Irish claddagh or Celtic knot are fitting for a man who's proud of his heritage. Consider a ring with an engraved or woven design or an interesting band around the edges if he likes to be a little bit daring, but not over the top.

Browse men's rings together to get an idea of what you both like. Consider a matching set. Whatever be the case everyone is unique and has their own tastes and preferences. Don't hesitate to choose your ideal wedding ring because "everything you wear defines you"!

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