Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Wedding Food Ideas

Fall is in the air and if you're newly engaged, you might be inspired to have a Fall Wedding.If so, today's post is just for you. While there aren't hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding fare, it's always nice to keep with the seasonal themes.Food is likely to be your wedding's biggest expense, as there are many people to feed and different courses to consider. On the other hand, there is also nothing more stressful. For most brides and grooms the bulk of stress can be found in budgeting for that special day. After the cost of formal attire for the wedding party, rehearsal dinners, rings and the honeymoon, it is usually the reception that causes such grief. You want your guests to enjoy themselves without breaking your bank. There are ways to serve up great food at your reception without going into unnecessary debt.

Fall Wedding 

Here are a few ideas for wedding food for meals at different times of the day

Brunch: is typically served between 11am and 2pm and is often traditional breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, bacon and eggs, pastries, fruit and cheese. Your wedding cake can be served afterwards with Champagne.

Lunch: served between 12 noon and 3pm lunch typically calls for a lighter menu and fewer courses than a dinner menu. A buffet is a good choice for a lunchtime wedding reception or you could consider light bite ideas like delicate sandwiches, soups or salads.

Afternoon Tea: the quintessential afternoon tea is served between 2pm and 5pm and consists of sandwiches, cakes (including the wedding cake) and pastries. You can serve hot beverages and include tipples like Champagne and cocktails.

Cocktail Party: typically an evening affair but can run anytime between 4pm and 7pm. Cocktail parties are very elegant affairs calling for stylish canap├ęs in a mixture of hot and cold varieties, served by waiters or placed on tables, for guests to help themselves. Accompany the food with cocktails and Champagne.

Dinner: a traditional dinner menu will be served between 5pm and 9pm and will consist of two or more courses. Most couples opt for three or four courses including the wedding cake, with wine, Champagne and coffee served afterwards. You can choose a buffet style reception menu or a formal seated dinner served by waiting staff.


Marked by harvest season, autumn is a wonderful time to indulge in fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats. If you are having a wedding in the fall, serving traditional fall foods at your reception is a great way to celebrate the season. Whether you are preparing the food yourself or hiring a catering service to prepare it for you, you can easily add fall foods to your menu.

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