Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wonderful Prom Dresses for Short Girls

Every girl is dreaming of wearing the beautiful prom dress. They have prepared prom dresses for themselves and want to look like a famous star. The prom night is liked by all of them and all of them want to have a wonderful time that night, they want to remember it forever, they want to enjoy themselves, the prom is really wonderful for those girls, so if you do not choose a prom dress for yourself, you will waste this precious time.Fortunately, nowadays arrays of prom dresses are ready for you in whatever body type.

Empire Strapless Sweetheart Satin Short Prom Dresses
General rules for short girls:

Length – Keep short prom dresses 2012. Prom dresses that end at or above your knees will better show your legs and produce an elongated look.

Color – Stick to deep toned colors like black, grey, or navy blue. Try to dress in monochrome. People of any height look thinner in darker colors. Dresses of single color give you a unified look and make you look taller.

Fabric – Smooth fitting fabrics like silk, chiffon and satin are good options for adding an extra height to your look.

Fit – Choose fitting dresses or draping ones. Baggy or bulky gowns make you shorter visually.

Shoes – Wear high heels with v-shaped vamps and pointed toes. They make your legs look longer. Avoid flat shoes or shoes with blunt square or rounded toes.

Further tips for petite girls:

Girls with petite figures always give a lovely and sweet look.

An empire prom dress that flares out just below the bustline will create an illusion of height. Team with a pair of simple glass heels and a crystal tiara. You can also look like a small dainty princess who attracts handsome prince.

Sheath dresses of knee length fit your body figure well and produce a taller look. If you want to look sexy and sophisticated, dress in a solid color knee length prom dress with V-neck, spaghetti straps or one-shoulder design. Don't forget a pair of stilettos.

A-line Chiffon Sleeveless One Shoulder Knee-length Prom Dresses
A petite girl also looks great in brighter colors and pastels. Picture a petite girl in pastel goddess prom dress with some mini or smaller prints. As pure, classy and refined as she is, isn't she?

These all short prom dresses are running this time on fashion, therefore you should wear short prom dresses to get stylish and sexy look. You will make your beauty by yourself only you have to wear short prom dresses. This time online have many sites which are providing sexy, stylish and, beautiful short prom dresses for prom season. All the prom dresses have too short up to the knee which is making sexy to you.

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