Friday, August 24, 2012

What Is Your Body Type?

Everyone is born with a certain type of body shape that no amount of dieting and exercise is ever going to change. There are many different body types that should be considered beautiful. You should strive to achieve an ideal body that suits your body type, not trying to force yourself to look like the women you see in magazines. The use of body shapers to help women achieve their ideal body has become a very popular method, due to its quick effectiveness without many of the dangerous risks that dieting or surgery contains. Before you pick a body shaper however, you should know what your body type is. There are four main ones, and they are the following.


The Hourglass is the idea figure. It is associated with a perfectly proportionate bust line and hips and a well defined waist.  Fat deposits evenly above and below your waist. This is considered ideal because this is recognized as the sexiest of all body types. You do not want to drown this in baggy clothing. A lot of women lose weight and attain this figure, but they are still wearing the same clothes they had before the weight loss. Ladies, if you are an hour glass, please show it off! Wear belts to emphasize your waist and wide-legged jeans to balance out your breasts and V-neck or cowl neck tees to show some cleavage. Not necessarily all at once, but a few pieces just to start.


The Pear body shape, also known as the Triangle, is defined by a fuller butt, hips, and thighs. Typically, the pear body type has a proportionately narrower bust than hips with a defined waist line. This is where I fall in. It is suggested that pieces be used to draw attention above the waist. This includes bright tops, large collars, lapels, and sleeves.

dress styles for your body type

Another very common body type is the Apple shaped body. Women having such a body type are quite heavy around the middle. Apple shaped women must be very careful while selecting their clothing. They should preferably wear flowing fabrics which would give them slimmer effect. They should avoid wearing tight pants, fitted waist cut dresses, flashy tops and large belts as it would make them look really heavy. In order to accessorize themselves they can go for long neck pieces which would make them look really trendy and pretty. Short shirts, jackets and horizontal lines are complete fashion disasters for the apple shaped women. They should instead go for vertical lines that would make them look thinner.


The Banana shape on women looks slightly like a body of a boy. The shoulders, hips, and waist are almost the same measurement, giving the body a straight look. Usually women with this body have very nice legs. Clothes that enhance the waistline work best for this body type. Body fat deposits first around the abdomen area and buttocks.

Note: If you know your body type, you can pick the right fashion dresses to wear, or read the useful post: Guide to Choose Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape.

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