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Trends on Engagement Rings for 2012

Every couple has a unique way to value their relationships. And often than not, they want to express their uniqueness in every way they can before and during the wedding. Like for example in getting an engagement ring, they want to have an extraordinary one that will symbolize the special love they have for each other.Whether you have a big budget or something more modest, there is sure to be an engagement ring that's perfect for the one you love. Before trying to find that special gem, learn about the Engagement Ring 2012 Styles that are most commonly found today:

perfect engagement ring
Colourful Gems:

While a simple solitaire may be the most traditional and the safest choice, if you are in love with a woman who adores the untraditional style, consider purchasing colourful gems for her engagement ring. You have a variety of options, from pink diamond, to rubies, to sapphires, and even beryl. The options are seemingly endless.

Galore Diamonds:

Diamond encircled by many small ones became the real hit among the contemporary brides. The extra diamond not only able to add additional sparkles and shine, but also augment the real size of the solitaire and create the illusion of the larger center stone. Isn’t it what all the brides are looking for?

unique engagement rings
Raised Settings:

There is lately a tendency for the designers to raise the bar of the ring setting by giving the feel of loftiness and the exquisite elegance to the ring. The delicately draped bow or a precision-cut mold really able to make the center stone the focus of attention.

Twisted Bands:

Engagement ring bands no longer have to be traditional, smooth, straight bands. More and more, brides-to-be are enjoying adding a little twist to their style with swirled bands encrusted with diamonds or even gentle twists in the metals of the band. If you want to give her a special type of ring that makes a statement about her unique personality, consider this type of band.

Vintage-inspired Ring:

Throughout the ages, vintage engagement rings have always been hot items, and that fact hasn't changed. If you want to surprise her with a ring rich in history and class, consider purchasing a vintage one with intricate diamond details and beautiful settings.

diamond engagement ring

Following the latest tendency of being eco-friendly, designers propose decorating your ring finger with the conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings.

One of the more popular choices is the infinity symbol that can have stones placed in the loops along the band for a beautiful unique look. Other designs can include family crests, special symbols that only the couple shares or a concept to represent the relationship between two loving people.

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