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Tips on How to Be the Attractive Mother of the Bride

One of the most important people in a wedding ceremony after the bride and the groom is the mother of bride. She remains center of everyone's attention throughout the ceremony and this is why her appearance matters a lot. Today, mothers of the brides will find the wedding experience a bit more laid back. Instead of worrying solely about taking care of every aspect of the wedding, you can dedicate time to be an attractive hostess as well as a calm and well-rested mother of the bride.

Mother of the Bride

1. Recognize dress etiquette

It is very important you familiarize yourself with how the mother of the bride should dress at her daughter's wedding. It is usually protocol that the mother of the bride chooses her outfit first, followed by the mother of the groom. The mother of the bride dress should match the formality and general flavor of what the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing.

As mother of the bride, find a dress or outfit that is elegant, classy and flatters your figure. Avoid pants and neon colors. Most importantly, do not wear white. Schedule an appointment with your daughter's bridal salon to get advice on your gown as well.

2. Use accessories

To add to the elegance of your dress, accessorize with a small flower bouquet, a glamorous shawl, delicate earrings, a necklace and high-heeled shoes. Heeled shoes tend to make the legs appear longer and more slender, but remember that you will have to stand in them for several hours.

3. Wear light makeup

Some women make the mistake of wearing thick layers of makeup, which tends to get blotchy throughout the day. To avoid clumping and blotches, limit the amount of makeup you wear. A little blush and lipstick will do. If you normally do not wear makeup, wear mascara. Mascara makes the eyes look brighter and your eyelashes fuller. If you prefer a lighter shade of mascara, try a brown color. If you have blue eyes, you can noticeably bring out the color of your eyes with blue mascara.

Romantic V-neck Sheath Satin Short Sleeve Knee-length Mother of the Bride Dresses
Try out your wedding makeup long before the big day so you can achieve the look easily and feel comfortable wearing it. You may wish to go to a salon and have it done professionally.

4. Be a vibrant hostess

Do not shy away in the background. Being a charming and pleasant hostess to your guests will surely get you noticed. Make an extra effort to greet and speak with all of the guests. Let them know you are happy for your daughter and new son-in-law.

Always wear a smile and make eye contact with each person you greet. Thank your guests for attending and give compliments. This display of happiness and confidence on your part will make put your guests at ease and will make them glad to associate and mingle with you.

Make sure that even with all the excitement of helping your daughter prepare for her big day that you invest a little time in making yourself look and feel your best. After all, it is the bride's big day, but as her mother, you will be a very special part of it.

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