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Tips for Determining Wedding Cake Sizes

It goes without saying that the bigger your wedding cake the more it will cost, but it can be difficult to budget for your cake if you have no idea how big a cake you will need to feed all your guests! Determining wedding cake sizes will vary depending on the shape of your cakes and as this article will explain there are other factors that will come into play.

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#1. Consider that most cake slices at weddings are approximately 8 cubic inches. Visually, the piece will be about 4 inches high and 2 inches wide. Each round tier is comprised of two layers of cake with frosting between each layer. When bakers or home cooks estimate the size of their wedding cake, they start with a serving size of 4 inches high by 2 inches wide.

#2. Review the round size pans or tiers that are available to cake makers and home cooks. Cake pans come in diameters of 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches. Each diameter serves a different number of guests.

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#3. Determine what layers will be needed to fulfill the needs of all your guests. A 6-inch pan serves 12 slices; an 8-inch pan serves 20 slices; a 10-inch pan serves 36 slices; a 12-inch pan serves 46 slices; a 14-inch pan serves 76 slices; a 16-inch pan serves 92 slices; an 18-inch pan serves 110 slices; and a 20-inch pan serves 120 slices.

Determine what layers you would like on your cake. For a cake that has graduated layers from a large base layer to a smaller top, you could order or bake a bottom layer of 14 inches, a middle layer of 10 inches and top the cake with a 6-inch layer. This cake would have 124 servings.

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#5. Choose from the most popular square pan sizes. A square 6-inch cake layer serves 18 guests; an 8-inch pan serves 32; a 10-inch pan serves 50; a 12-inch pan serves 72; a 14-inch pan serves 98; a 16-inch pan serves 120; and an 18-inch pan serves 140.

#6. Select a variety of square pans if you are planning on a square graduated cake with a wider base and a smaller top. For a wedding of 100 guests, you could select a 12-inch pan with an 8-inch pan in the middle and a 6-inch square pan on top. This cake would serve 122 people, so you would have extra for seconds.

Tips & Warnings

Always estimate more cake servings. Different people may cut the cake pieces in different sizes. click here to see Learn How to Cut Wedding Cake Perfectly.

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