Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romantic Moment: The First Wedding Dance

A wedding is the kind of special day where you want everything to be perfect, and your First Wedding Dance is another opportunity to impress your friends and family with your elegance, style and grace. The type of dancing you choose to perform reflects the feelings that you share, and whatever your musical tastes may be, nothing is going to say “Just married” like that first wedding dance.

Traditionally, the first wedding dance has been the flowingly graceful and romantic Waltz. However, contemporary wedding styles tend to be a little less formal than the Waltz, and one of the most common dances learned by wedding couples is the foxtrot. For a more relaxed and casual style, swing dancing is a favorite among active and flirty couples, and easy to learn in a short amount of time.

Consider Professional Dance Instruction

Unless you and your partner already dance together and are proficient in the style of dance that you would like for your first dance, consider getting professional instruction at a dance studio or private lessons with an independent instructor.  Private instruction is better suited to first dances as you will receive one-on-one tuition specific to your style of dance.  Your dancing skills will also progress much quicker.

When selecting an instructor, ask about their experience with wedding dances.  An instructor experienced in wedding dance is worth their weight in gold and will make valuable suggestions about things that you may not have considered, such as bustling your gown and practicing in your wedding shoes.  Remember that sometimes guys are a little reluctant in taking dance lessons, so be sure you find an instructor who makes learning for your man fun and easy.

When to Start Your  Dance

Allow yourselves plenty of time - don’t leave calling a dance professional until a week before your wedding.  Dance skills are acquired through repetition and for your dance to look natural, it will take time.  Generally speaking, 3 – 6 months prior to your wedding day will be sufficient; depending on how elaborate you want your dance to be and how much time you have to practice. 

How soon you should start depends on how quickly you and your partner learn, whether you have had previous dance experience in the style of dance you have chosen and how good you would like to be.  A Samba that will blow your guest’s minds will take longer to learn than a traditional Waltz, but what an impact you will make!… you will have your guest’s feet tapping and their eyes captivated by your energy.

Dance Style

The style of dance you learn will depend on the song you choose to dance to. Select a special song that is meaningful to you and your partner (such as the first song you ever danced to or the song that was playing during your first kiss), or a song that compliments your wedding dance style.  Your dance instructor will work with you to make sure that the dance style will work well with the song you have chosen.

Here are Some Popular First Dance Wedding Songs:

Etta James, "At Last"
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, "It's Your Love"
Lone Star, "Amazed"
Michael Bolton, "When a Man Loves a Woman"
Bryan Adams, "Everything I Do"
Shania Twain, "From This Moment On"

Whether you choose to participate in group ballroom dance classes consisting of four or five couples, or you prefer private wedding dance lessons, you can truly take advantage of a fine opportunity to make your wedding dance sparkle as you learn a special dance for your wedding day. Dream through a romantic waltz, or spice it up with a lively rumba, as long as you make sure your first wedding dance provides the romance and magic you’ve always wanted when you dreamed up your own special day.

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