Thursday, August 9, 2012

Different Styles of Elegant Wedding Headpieces

Bridal headpieces have become part of the wedding ensemble. It has become a trend on its own and women have picked up the need to glam up their attire by putting on something to accent their hairstyles and veils. The style of the wedding dress will typically match the style of the headpiece, so the headpiece should be selected with the wedding dress in mind. The headpiece of the bride can provide the final finishing touch on the wedding day ensemble.

Modern Wedding Headpieces
Do you know what kind of wedding headpiece you like best or suit you best? Veil, tiara, headwreath, pins and combs… Let's first have a closer look at these diverse headpieces.


The veil is the most common and traditional form of a bridal headpiece. A veil, however, can still mean many different things. Veils come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. A cathedral length veil cascades to the floor and trails behind the bride in a dramatic and classic presentation, while a blusher has a vintage look and only covers the top of the face of the bride. There are also varieties of veils that are in between. Veils can cover to the shoulders or to the center of the back as well, depending on the brides preference.


Tiara is a beaded or jeweled semi-circle that sits on the top of the head. It’s warmly welcomed by the brides who dream of a princess look at their weddings. Among those styles of headpieces, tiara is the most versatile one. It looks well with long hair, short hair, up-dos … almost all hairstyles. 
Elegant Clear Crystals Wedding Headpieces

A headband is a band of fabric or metal extending from one side of the head to the other side. The headband gives a quiet and graceful look. A narrow and delicately jeweled or beaded headband is best for short hair or an up do, and a wider satin or silk band goes well with long flowing hair.

Pins and Combs

Hairpieces are designed to do two things - add an interesting touch of sparkle to your hair - and to keep your hair in place. You can do both with decorative pins and combs. Today, they come adorned with crystals, rhinestones and silk flowers.

If they're small, scatter the pins throughout an up-do for a princess look. If the comb is large and designed for heavy duty use, get one large one that can keep everything in place. The combs can sweep hair up and off your neck, anchor a French twist or hold piles of curls atop your head. You can even use a comb to anchor your veil so even a wild wedding dance won't shake it lose.

Gorgeous 3 Layer Tulle Wedding Veils

Flowers can offer an exotic look, a vintage look or even a look of innocence and purity, depending on the style. Large, tropical style flowers will be suitable for a bride having a beach wedding or an island themed wedding while a simple flower, such as a daisy, can give the bride a look of simple girlish innocence.Hair flowers are gaining popularity among chic summer brides. Flowers lend beauty and charm to any look. 

As you can see, there are many categories of headpieces - and almost countless styles within each of those categories. If you've already got your dress, the next thing to do is try one style to see which works best with your dress, your personality and the style of your wedding. After that, head to the hairdresser.


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