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Chinese Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2012

Chinese Valentine's Day, called Qi Xi (七夕) in China, is a traditional holiday celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar. In 2012, it falls on August 23.

Chinese Valentine's Day
Other names for the holiday are Magpie Festival, or Double Sevens. The universal themes of forbidden love and prohibitive desire appear in the Chinese myths associated with Qi Xi. In the Chinese tale, a celestial woman (Zhi Nü, the weaver) and a mortal man (Niu Lang, the cowherder) are star crossed lovers now fated to meet only once a year on a bridge of magpies across the sky.Whether you're more of a traditionalist and prefer to give flowers and candy, or are looking for an alternative unique way to show your lover you care, we have a list of the top Chinese Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2012.

Idea #1: Flowers

Ah, flowers. What woman doesn't love to be surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers? Although this might be the most traditional and classic of all Valentine's Day gifts, it certainly doesn't have to be boring.And if you're really looking to make her feel special, surprise her a few days before Valentine's Day by having the bouquet delivered to her work place. We recommend avoiding cliche bouquets like a dozen red roses or floral arrangements with stuffed animals attached to them (unless you know she loves this). An exotic bouquet of orchids makes a beautiful Valentine's Day gift and is a unique change from more traditional floral arrangements. A colorful mixed bouquet full of popular flowers such as pink or purple roses, lilies, and hydrangeas is another beautiful way to show her you care this Valentine's Day.

pink and purple roses
Idea #2: Jewelry

Jewelry is always an appropriate gift for a romantic holiday, no matter in what part of the world you celebrate. Choose a pair of jade earrings --- a highly-esteemed stone in the Orient, a yin and yang pendant or a jade and emerald ring --- perfect for an impromptu engagement on this day of romantic love. Purchase a pendant of the Chinese symbol for love, faithfulness, passion or beauty and a matching chain or black cord.

Idea #3: Lingerie

Probably the most controversial of all Valentine's Day gifts; buying lingerie for your lady doesn't have to be a terrifying experience. It's all about doing your homework and using common sense before you start shopping. The single most important thing with lingerie is the sizing. This is easy to determine simply by rooting through her undie drawer. The red lace crotchless thong might be hot in your mind, but will it actually be something she'll love and be comfortable in? Lingerie quality and price points vary considerably so it's important to make sure you're buying her a quality set that will fit well, and be comfortable. If you want to really wow her, luxurious french lingerie from Agent Provocateur is an amazing way to surprise her this Valentine's Day.

Idea #4: Romantic Dinner

Take her for dinner to a fancy restaurant,if possible get a cozy corner seat. Arrange beforehand with the manager for what is going to happen next. Ask the waiter to bring the menu card. Hers will be slightly different. As she opens it, she reads your romantic proposal on it. Or arrange for your proposal to fall out of a fortune cookie which will be served with dessert.

Romantic Dinner
Idea #5: Tickets to a Concert or Movie

Experience gifts are becoming more popular than ever. They're a practical way to spend some quality time together while doing something you know they'll enjoy. This gift is awesome because it can be completely tailored to your partner's interests. Whether they'd enjoy tickets to a live band or concert, a theatre production, or tickets to see their favourite sports team play, the possibilities are endless.. Halfway through the movie that you are watching on your home theatre, let the screen go blank. Pretend to see what's wrong and project your proposal on the wall.

Getting a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one isn't really very difficult. Little things that you give her will surely make her day. She just wants to know you care for her and remember her on this beautiful day!

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