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4 Best Flowers for Fall Wedding

Fall is a romantic season with various colors of flowers and foliage; more romance is here with the scene that the leaves descend slowly and lightly by cool breezes. The natural beauty and comfortable weather of fall make it a popular season for marriage. Suitable flower selection will complete romantic fall weddings. You need to think about how to choose flowers for the bouquets, the boutonnieres, the centerpieces and other decorations at the wedding.

fall wedding flowers
Consider what flowers are in season. The use of available flowers will complement the autumn background and help to save money. Fall is not a season like the blossoming spring and summer, but you still get plenty of options. Countless flowers are available in autumn. Aster, chrysanthemum, coxcomb, dahlia, daisy, delphinium, gladiola, lavender, marigold, phlox, statice, sunflower, yarrow, zinnia… You name it. There’re many flowers available all year around like rose, orchid, lily, carnation, iris, gerbera and freesia. You’re sure to get what you like among those beautiful flowers.


Chrysanthemums, which come in rich shades of yellow, orange, gold, white and red, are suited for a fall wedding. They come into season in October. The flowers can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Chrysanthemums look good in a mixed bouquet or floral centerpiece. Symbolically the chrysanthemum stands for fidelity, optimism, joy and long life, which is another reason the flower works well for weddings. There are a variety of chrysanthemum species you can choose from including fever-few and marigolds along with crown, yellow, pyrethum and tricolor daisies.


This flower is one of the most popular choices for fall weddings. It has a great color palette, nice texture and comes in a good size, perfect for bouquets, centerpieces and aisle runner arrangements. They can be combined with rose hips, golden coxcombs and yellow amaryllis to create beautiful autumn wedding arrangements.


Roses are virtually a mainstay in any wedding and every other romantic occasion. They are very perfect flowers that can be used for any wedding arrangement. To be in tune with the fall wedding theme, choose roses in the colors red, pink, orange and yellow.


The aster yields 1 1/2 inch flowers blooms in shades of white, pink, yellow and purple. The flower, considered to be in season in October, can also bloom from late summer through fall. This is considered to be a filler flower so it tends to look best in floral arrangements. Consider blending it with other fall flowers for a bouquet or centerpiece.

There are many brides who make their flowers for fall weddings selection based merely on the way blooms look, but if you among them will decide to go also for the meaning of the fall flowers you will add a touch of something special and unique to your bridal bouquet and to the entire ambiance of your fall wedding. Yo can also consider this: 8 Most Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings.

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