Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Types of Roses for Wedding Bouquets

Weddings are a wonderful cause for celebration, regardless of the religious or cultural circumstances of those involved. And most weddings will involve flowers in some way or another, and it is not quite out of line to say those flowers will most likely be roses, of one color or another. Roses are the simple, elegant addition for any wedding and they make a popular choice for wedding bouquets, in particular.The types of roses you choose for your wedding bouquet is important on many levels.No matter what types of roses you choose, pick the blossoms you love.

pink rose
Tea Roses

Tea roses are a popular choice among designers and professional wedding planners because they're extremely hardy, pretty and sweet-smelling. Tea roses have a modern look to them, which makes them a good choice for a contemporary wedding. They are available in every color of the rainbow except blue, with blossoms ranging from the size of an orange to small buds barely larger than a fingertip.

bridal rose bouquets
Bold Colors

Some brides want to make a bold statement with a colorful, dramatic rose bouquet. Black Magic roses come in a dark red shade that will instantly draw attention. Leonidas are rust-toned, with petals that are more copper-colored at the tips. Circus roses grow in two bold shades of orange and gold. Five-petal Ballerina roses, as the delicate name suggests, grow in two shades of pink on thornless stems. Tough Golden Celebration roses sprout dense yellow blossoms that carry a honey-like scent.

white rose wedding flower bouquet
Soft Colors

White roses, such as Virginia, Iceberg, Bianca and Vendela, and lighter-colored roses add a traditional touch to any wedding. White is the color of purity and the color most associated with brides, which makes white roses a natural choice for the bridal bouquet. However, white roses can show brown spots more easily than roses of deeper shades, so keep the flowers in cool storage until they're needed.

Roses complement almost any other flower and are available all year long making them an ideal choice for your wedding bouquet or other floral arrangements. Whether the bouquet is elegant and traditional or modern and casual, roses complement any theme or color scheme and are highly versatile.

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