Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to Wear for Your Hot Summer

Summer's warm weather provides the perfect opportunity for you to get out your favorite skirts, dresses, sarongs and more. You'll want to wear bright, cheerful colors to reflect a fun, summer attitude, and light, airy clothes to stay cool in the sun. Finding something to wear during the summer in different social situations that will both look good and keep you comfortable often creates a dilemma. Fortunately, several options exist that satisfy both style and comfort.

Summer Dressing

Here's what you need to wear for your summer 

Tops: Tops with three-quarter sleeves provide coverage for the upper arm area that many women prefer to hide, while leaving much of the arms uncovered and open to fresh air.quality shell covers undergarments sufficiently while leaving arms and the neck area free to breathe. Adding a jacket over the shell gives a very professional look for important business appointments or job interviews.

Dresses: Summer dresses help women keep cool in the heat while adding color and style to her appearance. Unlike pants, dresses allowing air to pass through, keeping the person cooler and more comfortable. 2012 Merle Dress covers a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles. A Short Little White Dress will  be a right chioce for you.

A-line Sweetheart Belt Sleeveless Short Mini Tulle Cocktail Dresses Homecoming Dresses
Hats: Wearing a hat provides constant shade from the summer sun. They also prevent sunburn on the face. For every kind of summer activity imaginable, a hat exists that suits it. For instance, hats designed for beachwear or swimming keep the head cooler and float, making it easy to retrieve should it come off. For social occasions, such as weddings, beautifully designed straw hats come in many colors and embellishments.

Accessories: Sunglasses, a hat to protect your face from the sun, and a scarf (optional) for layering.  Check the weather forecast before you leave to see if you need a umbrella; rain is rare but not unheard of.

Shoes: Sandals are going to be a must–but choose ones that you're comfortable walking in. Also pack a pair of flip flops for the beach.

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