Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Is the Bridesmaid's Role in Wedding?

Being asked to serve as a bridesmaid is a great honor. It is the bride's way of saying that of all the people in the world, there is no one she would rather have with her as she ties the knot. Of course being a bridesmaid isn't always easy (depending mostly on the personality of the bride!), and there can be some confusion over what an attendant should expect to do to help with the wedding. This is how to be a great bridesmaid, and in turn, a truly great friend.

Being a great bridesmaid isn't that hard. Especially if you're working with a really great bride. Here are some ways you can stave off any criticism of your performance and make the experience a bit easier for the bride. That is, after all, what bridesmaids (and friends in general) are for!

1. Be supportive of the bride. Planning a wedding can be a highly emotional time for a woman, and she will definitely need her close friends to stand by her side. Whether it is helping her through a fight with her mom over the wedding gown, arguing with her fiance about their future plans once they are married, or panic over getting in shape for the wedding, lend an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

2. Shop for the bridesmaid dresses(under $150). You have an interest in the outcome of this, after all, so tackle dress shopping with a positive attitude. If the bride picks the dresses without you, then your job as a great bridesmaid is to say they are beautiful, no matter what. After all, she thinks they are pretty, or she would not have picked them. You can always put your personal stamp on a bridesmaid dress by choosing special bridesmaid jewelry, cute shoes, etc.

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3. Be a helping hand. No bride should turn her bridesmaids into maids, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't volunteer your help. Stuffing invitations, tracking responses or scheduling the fittings are all things that will take less than a few hours of your time and will take a great amount of weight off the mind of the bride. Be creative and offer up your assistance!

4. Take pictures! Sure, everyone will take pictures of the big day, but who's there to take snaps of the progress up to the wedding? Snapping some photos at events such as invitation stuffing, meetings of the bridal party and setting up for the shower will allow the bride to look back on not only her wedding day, but the whole process leading up to it. As a bonus, you can compile her scrapbook as part of her wedding or shower gift.

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5. Listen. It's so easy to blow off complaints or nervousness as just jitters, but maybe the bride has some real concerns. Make sure you aren't just glossing over issues and really listen to the bride. This is just as important for you as it is for her--you want the best for someone you're close to, so ignoring an issue is bad for both of you.

Of course, be there on the big day. Make sure as well that you distinguish your role from that of the maid of honor, as she may well have a more involved role in the actual ceremony. Keep smiling throughout and enjoy relaxing with your feet up once it's all over.

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