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Well Dressed Up For The Summer Wedding

Summer is the most popular season for weddings. It is sunny, the flowers are blooming, people are in a good mood - what's not to love about summertime weddings, right? Make your summer wedding shine with one of these pretty summer wedding centerpiece ideas.

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Each month of summer has its own distinctive feeling. June is a very traditional month for weddings, with the result that June weddings are often more classic than those held in July or August. In addition, in June you are at the tail end of the spring season, with all of its beautiful pastel flowers. This can be a great place to begin with June wedding centerpieces. A lovely centerpiece for a traditional June wedding would be a tall fluted vase filled with large faux pearls (pearl wedding jewelry being another June tradition, after all), and topped with a soft arrangement of pale pink and ivory roses, pink peonies, and flowing greenery. The result will be feminine, romantic, and perfect for June.

If you're shooting for a more casual and festive look, try dresses that are loose fitting and easy to dance in. Summertime calls for rich jewel tones and bold patterns, so take advantage of the heat and have a little fun when you pick out your dress. A polished yet simple look is perfect for a more casual ceremony, but the best thing about this type of dress is that if you select one with elegant embellishment and gorgeous colors, that will make it easy to wear again!

The hardest kinds of weddings to dress for are ones that call for "black tie optional" attire. You want to look formal and put together, but also not too dressed up. Try to find the middle ground by picking dresses that are a little simpler but still vibrant and bright. A patterned dress with sequins is the perfect compromise - the shiny sequins will give it a dressier edge, but a young, contemporary pattern with a one-shoulder neckline can make it not too fancy. Keep in mind that you can dress down any dress by adding casual daytime accessories too!

Brilliant A-Line Strapless Mini-Length Tiered Chiffon Cocktail Dresses
Any girl knows that finding the best formal cocktail dress is hit-or-miss, especially for a summer wedding. Black tie dresses can be simple and sleek or ornate and detailed. Pick one that matches your style and is comfortable and easy to move in. Remember: summer dresses are fun, flirty, and beautiful, so save your LBD for wintertime! Look for a dress that is formal and sophisticated, with rich color and chic embellishment, it will keep it from being too plain. Plus, look for something different, like across-body ruching which is flattering to any figure!

So, the next time you are invited to a summer wedding, keep these helpful tips in mind when picking out the perfect dress. Choose a dress that is summery but true to your style. Pick a few trendy accessories and a stylish pair of shoes and you'll be sure to be one of the best-dressed guests at the wedding!

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