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Tips for Planning a Beautiful Wedding On a Low Budget

Many people think that having a budget for their wedding will make their wedding cheap. This is not the case. A low budget wedding can be a very eloquent affair if you now how to plan one. You may not be able to have those gold busts of you and your spouse made, but with a little careful planning, your wedding can be a day you will always remember. In a nutshell: it doesn't have to set you back a ton for it to be beautiful or meaningful.

Beautiful Wedding
Now, before anything else, you need to decide what is important to you. Deciding on the necessities of your wedding first will make sure that you have them for your wedding. For instance, do you need a live band, or will a DJ suffice. Almost all aspects of a wedding have classy, but less expensive alternatives. Deciding on the essentials first will make sure your low budget wedding is still a class act.Just consider the following wedding plans and you will be able to plan a low budget beautiful wedding.

1) Reduce Number of Guests:
  • The amount of food and drink, location and invitations relies on the number of guests invited.
  •  By adding more people to your list, you just increase your budget.
  •  Just cut down the names of those people you haven’t met for a long time.
  •  It is your wedding. Only invite those people who are important to you.
2) Wedding Dress:
  • You can actually save money on the wedding dress.
  • When buying the dress, check the market rates online so that you get an idea.
  • Choose a dress within your range.
  • Some people prefer wearing their mother’s dress as well.
  • While some prefer renting a dress since the dress has to be worn once.
  • The more work on the dress, the more expensive it is.
  • Make your dress simple and stylish.
Mini Strapless Tiered Wedding Dress
3) Date and Location:
  • There are some months in which you can save money.
  • Prefer having your wedding during the off-season months i.e. January, February, March and November.
  • But these months vary due to climatic changes in some places.
  • The reason for choosing off-season months is that the caterers and decorators charge less or give a discount during these months.
  • For the location it is not necessary to keep it in fancy hotel or club.
  • You can have your wedding on a beach, restaurants, park and your community college.
  • Compare the rates and then decide the location.
4) Food and Drinks:
  • Decide the kind of meal you want (formal or buffet).
  • Ask for the prices and compare.
  • And this is because additional staff is required to serve the meals.
  • While the buffet deal allows the guests to meet and greet each other.
  • Consider the price range for the appetizers and drinks.
  • The appetizers and drinks enhance your wedding as well as your budget. Choose wisely what you want.
  • Alcohol is expensive. If you keep the bar services then remember that you have to pay the bartenders as well. So just close it for an hour so during dinner.
5) Music and Photography:
  •  For the reception you can keep an organist, while for the reception you can hire a DJ.
  • You have many options for the music so choose wisely.
  • Choose a photographer that develops digital photos. In that way you will not have to ask for copies.
These are some great ways to keep your wedding budget low and by doing so you do not have to sacrifice what is important to you. Remember the first step, prioritizing and then consider the others if you still need to cut your budget. Pick and choose the areas of your wedding that you are willing to sacrifice. Remember you will not be able to have it all, but you will be able to have what is most important to you and still keep your costs low.

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