Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Dress Your Flower Girls

The flower girl is always one of the most precious parts of a wedding. Most flower girls are between the ages of four and eight, which is the perfect age for a big party dress with a cute skirt. What make them totally charming are their sweetness, enthusiasm, and unpredictable nature. When it comes to flower girls, the more the merrier is. Their role in the wedding, besides being adorable, is to go before the bride up the aisle. Conventionally, we think of flower girls as scattering rose petals before the bride's path. For a wedding of almost any level of formality, a traditional party dress with a crinoline is a wonderful choice. See low-cost items when you visit the finest A-line/Princess Flower Girl Dresses online!

Flower Girl with Basket
1. Baskets

The flower girl baskets are made of bride and groom choice of fabric, colors, and scents. The cute baskets can easily be wedding keepsake. And, you can customize a special flower girl basket as heirloom set to pass for generations to come. A variety of butterfly and flower can be sewn to add excitement to the basket.

Stunning Jewel Princess Sleeveless Taffeta Ankle-length Flower Girl Dresses
2. Dresses

The flower girl dresses can resemble the bride or bridesmaids. The comfort and feel of the dress is a big factor in choosing a dress. Young kids are easily agitated and irritated with discomforting scratchy dress.
The length of the dress depends on how formal the wedding. The general rule is longer for more formal wedding event. If the young girl is too young, you may choose a shorter length to avoid tripping.

Flower Girls with Shoes
3. Shoes

Shoes are also part of the overall look that are sometimes overlooked. The flower girl shoes may be uncomfortable for unused or brand new shoes. You have to think that your flower girls will be on their feet most of the time and comfortable shoes and nice stockings really count a lot. Choose shoes that have cushion at the back of the ankle. These cushions will prevent the girls from having calloused feet.

More importantly, the flower girls complement the bride on this special occasion. The flower girl spruces up the wedding with special innocence, fun, and charm.

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  1. Use scattering petals from the type or types of flowers used to adorn the basket. For example, use rose petals with a basket decorated with either fresh or artificial roses.


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