Monday, July 23, 2012

Elegant Wedding Veils in Unique Style

The wedding veil is a traditional wedding accessory for the bride, and it should compliment both the dress and the bride. Nowadays, the brides choose to give it up, while some want a long one.There is no doubt that is wearing wedding veil make the brides look more elegant.

So that, there are many kinds of wedding veil design from the modern one until the classic and vintage designs. Any dress or gown the brides wear, no matter what the style is, the wedding veil remains the elegance of the brides. The types of length of the veil also various start from shoulder length, waist or elbow, hip or fingertip, floor, train or chapel length, also long train or cathedral length. Yeah.. all wedding veil design definitely make the brides elegant.

Short Wedding Veil
Short Veils:

Short veils woven with soft pearls or worn with pill box hats are going to be hot this year. Accessories this season are all about femininity and sophistication. To spice up your hair, wind a long strand of pearls around a bun for an unexpected touch. Or, find a beautiful comb or clip made of bronze or copper that is embellished with sparkly gemstones and pearls. No matter what accessories you choose to wear on your big day you are sure to be the star of the show!

Mid-Length Wedding Veil
Mid-Length Veils:

The statement veil below will attract the attention towards the face of the bride, so the dress needs to be tame, simple, and its cut shouldn't be mermaid or princess type and it is also a good choice for the older brides. Depending on the hair's length, the cut, and the dress' style, the bride can choose a veil which can steal the show, like we can see below, or one that is barely seen, like the one above.

Flower Tulle Wedding Veils
Long Veils:
  • Chapel: this style is best when worn with a long dress or one with long sleeves. Chapel veils are romantic in style and skim the floor so they are particularly suited to formal weddings. If your wedding dress features a small train, ensure the veil extends beyond it.
  • Cathedral: if you want something dramatic then this ultra long veil is a good choice. It should extend about 4ft beyond your dress and is the most formal option so perfect for a traditional wedding.
  • Mantilla: this veil is Spanish in origin and features stunning lace edging or can be made entirely from lace. It is ultra romantic and complimentary to dresses with lots of detail. It does tend to be more opaque than other types of veil and although found in various lengths it is best worn long for lots of drama and impact.
Whether your wedding will be a formal or casual event, a wedding veil is an important accessory for a bride's ensemble on that special day. Wearing a wedding veil correctly will enhance your dress as well as give you a polished look.

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