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DIY Wedding Kissing Balls for Your Wedding Reception

Claudia asks: I love, love, love these tutorials! Here’s my question: what’s the trick to making a sturdy, fresh pomander? I tried making one of my own and completely failed! Water was dripping from my foam and the stems kept breaking as I pushed them into the foam. Would you mind sharing your expert tips and advice?

flowergirls holding wedding kissing balls
Wedding kissing balls or pomanders were actually flower bouquets carried by bridesmaids and flower girls at weddings. But nowadays, they are used as kissing balls displayed as decoration in weddings like mistletoe. The couple have to kiss under these balls and they can be either put on the arches where the couple would get married or above the cake table. These pomanders are made out of paper daisies and are very easy to make. These pomanders would also be a great way to match with your wedding dress or as a bridal bouquet design idea if you are planning on making your own bouquet.. They are tied up with ribbons to the arch or the ceiling and they look very attractive with the rest of the venue.

The wedding flower centerpiece can be made using fresh flowers, or if you like to be well organized you can make these months before your wedding by using budget silk wedding flowers.

You will need

    A round floral foam ball
    50 carnations
    Colored ribbons

Wedding Kissing Balls

Step #1: Prepare the Ball

Wholesale flowers can be delivered straight to your doorstep from the farm so shop for flowers online. Look for combo packs of flowers that offer a variety of blooms such as Roses and Mini Calla Lilies. You can purchase floral foam balls at any craft or floral supply store. Look for the ones with the mesh wrapper around the foam ball. You will also need wire cutters, scissors, a large bowl and ribbon strong enough to support the weight of the ball.

Step #2: Prepare the Flowers

The foam ball with mesh wrapper is easiest to use because it keeps the wedding flowers intact and has a pre-made loop that you will slip the ribbon through later to hang the ball. If you cannot find them, wrap chicken wire around the ball to create the same affect. Soak the foam ball in a large bucket until it’s filled with water. It’s best to drop the ball into and let it sink down on its own, rather than dunk. This ensures that it is completely filled with water and the flowers will have plenty of water to "drink".

Flower Girl Kissing Ball
Step #3: Add Flowers

Trim the stems of the flowers at an angle, leaving an inch or two beneath the head. If the flower stems are weak, you can support them with 20-gauge wire by using 4-inch lengths to support the stem from the flower head.

Step #4: Add Ribbon and Decorate

Start by inserting flowers in a straight line, creating a ring around the ball. Then cover each half of the ball with flowers, overlapping the petals slightly and making sure to fill in all the gaps. Are you having fun yet?

You can tie a pretty bow, or if you prefer a cleaner look, tie the ends of the ribbon into a strong knot and use the wire to tuck the ribbon into the top of the ball and out of sight. And Voila! You have a very expensive looking floral display for your special day. Hang or display on cylinder vases – the design options are limitless. Is this DIY wedding flower project something you could do with some help from your bridesmaids? If so, you'll definitely free up some of your wedding budget and have fun doing it!

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