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Tips on Deciding What to Wear at Your Wedding

Weddings are often very formal events, calling for a certain level of fanciness in attire. The outdoor, beach, or backyard wedding, on the other hand, can be quite a bit less dressy in nature, and the usual wedding outfit may be too formal for a relaxed reception. This is what to wear to a casual wedding.

Choosing an appropriate wedding gown is an important step when planning a Catholic wedding ceremony. There are several aspects of dress that one must pay attention to when attending a Catholic mass, and these shouldn't be disregarded just because you are the bride. In the end, you must choose a gown that you will comfortable in, while respecting the modesty of the church.

Women can really have fun with wedding outfits. You can not only get away with wearing bright colours, but also patterns and what could, in other situations, get deemed crazy hats.

A thing to avoid is floor length ball gowns. These should be left for the bride and bridesmaids to shine in. Instead, choose knee-length or over-the-knee gowns as shorter cuts could be inappropriate in many venues and could cause offence to elderly guest.

A-line Sweetheart Beading Sleeveless Chapel Train Wedding Dress
A Few Tips on Deciding What to Wear at your Wedding

Consider what type of wedding you're having. If you're having a typical church wedding, then a customary white floor-length gown would suffice. Make sure that it's not too revealing, otherwise the conservative church might not approve. But if you're having a flashy Vegas-wedding, you can go crazy with your outfit. You remember that ramshackle version of Elvis' jumpsuit I mentioned earlier? Well, at a Vegas wedding, you can wear it with gusto. If you're wedding is going to be a garden wedding, then you might want to wear a gown that sort of resembles a fairy's outfit, and put a few flowers in your hair to complete the effect. This would give an ethereal feel to your wedding. If you're going to have an evening wedding, an elegant gown would be great. If you're going to have your wedding in broad daylight, those princess-style gowns would be wonderful.

The Wedding Gown Color

Most women choose to wear gowns though, so let's hinge on this fact. If you decide to wear a gown, you'll have to decide what color it'll be. Most women opt for white as it symbolizes purity or virginity. After all, you're supposed to enter marriage as a virgin, and wearing white would mean that you are one. You could also wear Cream or Ivory, as they symbolize the same thing. But if you don't want to stick to tradition, then you could choose other colors like pink, blue, or yellow. Whichever color you choose, make sure that it matches the color theme of your wedding. You don't want to look out of place.

The Wedding Gown Design

Another factor to consider when choosing your wedding gown is your body type or your body features. If you are busty, then you might want to wear an off-shoulder bodice. Also, it would be advisable to wear a full skirt to balance your top. If you're petite, then you should wear a simple gown. A strapless or off-shoulder A-line dress would look great on you. If you're thin, you might want to wear a ball gown. If you're tall, then you're lucky because almost anything would look great on you. Empire cut gowns would just look wonderful on you. Just remember to avoid tall hairstyles and long sleeves.

Wedding guest style for her

o Informal Daytime: Short dress or suit (business attire OK for morning weddings)
o Informal Evening: Cocktail dress
o Semi-Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit
o Semi-formal Evening: Cocktail dress
o Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit. Hats and gloves optional.
o Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Long or dressy short cocktail (beading, glam accessories, wrap)
o Ultra-formal or White Tie: Long gown, extra glitz (furs, diamonds, etc.)

Do's and Don'ts for Her

o Don't wear white because it competes with the bride. There are plenty of other colors available.
o Don't wear black or sequins during the daytime.
o Don't worry about wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids or mothers. You can't possibly coordinate with everyone in the wedding party.
o Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of respect for your hosts. Clubwear, overtly sexy clothing (deep cut, see-through, etc) doesn't belong at a wedding. If you have to ask if it's appropriate, it probably isn't.
o Don't wear opera-length gloves (to top of arm) with anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns.
o Do take off gloves to eat or drink.
o Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A pastel suit or soft floral dress for daytime or a little black dress for evening (after 6 p.m.) will take you almost anywhere.

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