Monday, June 18, 2012

Pageant Dresses Styling Tips

Pageant Dresses
Regardless of your actual height, petite to statuesque, you want to appear as tall as possible, in proportion to your fellow competitors. Proportion is key for all body types, as simply being the tallest girl on stage, or appearing to be the tallest, does not provide you with any competitive advantage.  In fact, overly tall is as much a visual hindrance as overly petite, so proportion coupled with the appearance of height, and not actual height itself, is what creates a powerful onstage presence.  Good news for all sizes!

A quick way to appear inches taller is to elevate the line of sight for an observer or judge.  The dictionary definition of the line-of-sight is an imaginary line from the eye to a perceived object. For our purposes, I define the line of sight as where the casual observer's eye is drawn to look at most often.  For example, empire waist treatments on evening gowns create the 'legs for miles' effect, keeping the sight line elevated to where seam meets bust.  Gowns with seaming at mid-thigh will do the opposite, which is useful to know if you are disproportionately tall.  Using the 'line of sight' technique will allow YOU to control the visual information, and predetermine where the judges look, while you are onstage in your evening gown.

Another styling tip for standing taller in an evening gown is to make sure the gown hemline brushes the stage floor at least 1/8 of an inch past the sole of your shoe heel, completely covering the shoe heel.  When judges see footwear on stage, the optical information immediately shortens the perceived distance between foot and face, losing you inches, and possibly a chance at the crown.  Using this technique, adding inches would also be high neck treatments on gowns, one shoulder designs, and collared gowns, in essence, any gown style that extends the design from floor to finish at the face.

After you have learned how to choose your styling pageant dresses, now it's time to pick one in our Pageant Dresses Collection.


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