Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Make Up for Weddings

Make Up for Weddings
1. Long wearing foundation is the key, for example; Cover Girl Outlast Liquid Make-up which lasts up to 10 hours.

2. Curling lashes is always an important task to open up the eye area.

3. Use Mac Prep and Prime for lashes so your mascara can reach every lash and of course a waterproof mascara will be used, for example; Maybelline's Lash Discovery or Voluminous by L'Oreal.

4. Use a longwearing lip color so every clink of the champagne glasses will be a welcome invitation because your lipstick is not going anywhere, for example; Pro Longwear Lipcolour.

Make-up for weddings is creative and indicative of one's own personal style. It is an honor bringing your vision into a reality. I wish to enhance the beauty that is you!

Heather Coopersmith of For Reel Make-up, make-up artist at large, is all about setting the tone of beauty when it comes to a Bachelorette party, bridal shower (7 Tips for Perfect Bridal Showers) and Wedding. Through the trends of the seasons I remain true to one ideal; trends come and they go but becoming beautiful is all about fun.

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