Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Make a Marvellous Wedding Video?

Yes wedding photos are a must-have, but video captures things that photos cannot—like your fathers' speech, your first dance song and your maid of honor's toast. Don't wait until the last-minute. Great videographers book up to a year in advance. So read up on our top tips and when you find the one, book right away!

Wedding Video

1. Do your homework

Set aside a couple hours to research videographers. And don't just watch highlights reels. Take the time to watch through entire feature films to get a feel for the way he or she tells the story of the wedding.

2. Ways to save

Consider having only the ceremony filmed. Forgo complicated editing (but you'll want at least minimal editing to make the clip more watchable -- otherwise, you'll end up with four to eight hours of loose video, some of which is not so interesting). Opt for a single camera.

Forget video shot on film or any other expensive developing (digital is cheaper).

3. Keep it short

No one (except maybe your mom) wants to spend four hours watching your wedding video. Keep the edited film around 30 minutes. Also, ask about getting an even shorter, 5- or 10-minute version of your wedding video -- a "highlights" reel from the wedding day to show the rest of your friends and family. Many videographers include that option in their packages.

4. Double coverage

If you hire your photographer and videographer separately, ask that they meet before the wedding to coordinate shooting styles and strategies. If they've worked together before, that can be a bonus.

But don't assume that their quality will be the same; interview each professional separately. If you're pressured to hire them as a team and it makes you uncomfortable, look elsewhere.

5. Be heard

Discuss where and how you'll be mic'd for the ceremony; also make sure it's okay with your officiant. Without mics, you won't hear the vows or those memorable toasts from friends and family.

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