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Guidelines on Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Day

A wedding is divided into various special moments. You have the ceremony, the first dance as a married couple, the cutting of the cake and many others. Each of these moments are usually accompanied by some beautiful songs. Choosing the right music for your wedding can make a huge difference. Each couple has its own personal music taste.
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, as it is the beginning of a new life with the one you love. For most people, and the majority of women, the wedding day should be as perfect as possible.

One of the most important elements in any wedding is the selection of music. This may entail not only choosing a suitable band or D.J. for the reception but also any pre-recorded tracks you should play during band breaks or for special dances like waltzes and/or ethnic music dances.

Many couples these days also have a soloist or a string quartet at the actual ceremony if they can afford it. A soloist in these situations is generally a violinist or whoever is playing the church organ or piano. A string quartet can provide wedding music at the chapel or church but the cost could be prohibitive for young couples on a budget. Many higher tier weddings these days feature vocal ensembles singing a mixture of classical and light, romantic pop favorites that the couple chooses.Therefore in order to help you make your big day perfect, here are some guidelines as to how to choose the perfect wedding music for your wedding day.

Secular music in a religious setting

Most religious denominations consider a wedding ceremony to be a form of worship service, and it is for this reason that churches  do not generally  allow ‘secular’ (non-religious) music during a wedding. Some will make an exception while the guests are being seated, but never during the ceremony itself. Check with your church for specific guidelines.

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As far as how religious the lyrics of a song have to be for a church wedding, just keep in mind that music that  make respectful reference to God (or to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, depending upon belief) is always acceptable. The majority of churches will also allow music that does not make specific reference to a deity as long as it focuses on religious ideals and values relating to love and marriage, such as faithfulness and love.

Proper placement of music in the ceremony

Most weddings include a vocal soloist singing anywhere from one to four selections during the wedding ceremony -depending on the length of the ceremony- accompanied by piano, acoustic guitar, or harp. Appropriate places in the ceremony for vocal selections, depending on church guidelines, may include: during the seating of the mothers or lighting of candles by the mothers, immediately before the processional, before the vows, during the lighting of the Unity Candle, and/or during the serving of communion to the congregation, if included in the ceremony.

Finding the right vocal music

Vocal music is without question an aspect of your wedding music selection where you will want to have the most personal involvement so you can choose lyrics that are especially meaningful for you. First, ask your vocalist or accompanist for suggestions. Have them show you sheet music for the songs they suggest, and if you find one with lyrics you like, have them play or sing that song for you.

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Before deciding whether the songs suggested by your musicians are really what you want, go to a store that sells sheet music and songbooks and browse in the wedding section. Chances are, you may find something that closely expresses what you want to say.

Custom songwriting / Instrumental-only

On the downside that you don’t find what you’re looking for, another option is to hire a composer/songwriter to write a song specially for your ceremony. There are several websites where these services are offered, just remember to give the songwriter plenty of advance time to complete the song.
A final classic choice is to offer instrument-only music during your ceremony. Your choices here may include the church organist or pianist, a string quartet, a harpist, or other instrumentalists. When you meet with your  musician(s), ask them to play one or two pieces that could be used for the processionals and the recessional. Consider selecting one piece for the bridal party processional, one for the bride’s entrance, and another for the recessional.

Best Wedding Songs List 2012

Romantic love songs are such an essential and important part of the wedding. Because the list of these new wedding songs is really endless. Here is a list of Top Ten Wedding Songs for you to choose.

1. [Fur Elise] — Beethoven
2. [Not all Angels Have Wings] — Gloria Sklerov and Kim Tribble
3. [Crazy] — Patsy Cline
4. [Just A Kiss] — Lady Antebellum
5. [I Finally Found Someone] — Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand
6. [Just Like Heaven] — The Cure
7. [Love Of My Life] — Sammy Kershaw
8. [You're the First, My Last, My Everything] — Barry White
9. [A Song for My Son] — Mikki Viereck
10. [Sweet Child O' Mine] — Sheryl Crow

You can find some popular wedding songs on another post: Top 10 Popular Love Songs For Wedding.


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