Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take a Honeymoon Journey to Beautiful Lizard Island

wedding at lizard island

Lizard Island is one of the Great Barrier Reef's more remote components—Hinterland Aviation charter flights depart from Cairns a couple of times a week—but it's totally worth the cost and effort. All protected national park, it's been spared from overdevelopment and boasts a lone resort, Voyages, single airstrip, and acres of pure and verdant beauty.

Spend half an hour on the island and you'll realize where it got its name. Dozens of slothful lizards—ranging in size up to four feet in length—roam the tropical terrain, their relatives having inhabited the territory since before Captain Cook ventured here in the 1700s. Harmless and worthy of hours of amusement, the reptiles waddle along the sand, their tongues flicking in and out in rapid-fire motion (just watch out where you're stepping, especially late at night, or you may be in for a fright).

While filming Fool's Gold on and around Lizard, Kate Hudson dubbed it "the most romantic place on Earth." With 40 villas and 24 beaches, your guests will be well tended to. Depending on the size of their event, couples can choose among many ceremony sites, from Sunset Beach to Anchor Bay to a pavilion perched on a ridge overlooking the sparkling Coral Sea. Receptions can be hosted at a number of sites on the property: the beach, dining area, pool deck, or any of the gazebos. Packages start at $3,450, including accommodation, celebrant fee, license, a cake for two, bouquet, champagne, and beach dinner.

Because Lizard Island is more intimate and harder to reach than most places in Australia, couples with bigger wedding parties and guest lists might consider a destination on the mainland, such as Sydney's botanical gardens instead. Then you can always hop a charter to the reef for the honeymoon.

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